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Maya wrote:Christine, with regards to dreams - what must be understood that dreams are reflections of a personality that we have created within and as ourselves which we haven't sorted out yet.
so to add to Marlen's suggestion, it is suggested to investigate the Personality that the dreams represents through walking the Character/Personality dimensions as Fear, Thought, Imagination prévoyances obsèques, Backchat/internal conversation/ Reactions (Emotions/Feelings)/ Physical Behaviour and Consequences.
You can place your writings here and we will support when/if required.

Also, if you haven't already, i suggest listening to:
Dream Interpreter - Life Review
Reptilians - Intuition and Dreams in an Existential History (Part 1) - Part 131
Intuition and Dreams in an Existential History - Reptilians (Part 2) - Part 132
Yes, I quite agree with you because dreams are the stuff that you fled in resortent . These are fantasies but more lightweight .

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