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Re: Nightmares

Post by Alex27 »

I've always dreamed of my loved ones, I have a fear of losing them.

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Re: Nightmares

Post by Greedy »

i do have dreams that i can't classify as a nightmare, but everytime i dream it, i feel empty and sad. Loneliness creeping in my body as i woke up. Here is the thing, i always have dreams about the moment when my ex and me are still together (or if not the scene we've been through, it's a fresh and new moment) then after a while we will seperate again. weird but, even that was a long time ago i still feel sadness in my heart. Wonder what that mean is.

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Re: Nightmares

Post by Maite »

Hey Marty,

I suggest opening up a thread for yourself where you can write out your experience with your ex - because if she keeps showing up in dreams, where you have an emotional experience during/after the dream - then that is showing you that you have 'unresolved issues' in relation to your ex. I would suggest you start by writing out the predominant memories - the ones that 'pop out' - that are very positively charged, very negatively charged or somehow hold 'special meaning' for you. Once you've done the writing, you can apply Self-Forgiveness and write out Self-Corrective Statements. Posting them on the forum will allow us to assist you in the process.

In this post, you can find some cool perspective on the nature of 'Relationships' - that may assist you within opening up your memories and writing for yourself: ... press.html

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