What does multiple-layer dream mean?

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What does multiple-layer dream mean?

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Last night,an interesting thing happened, I had a dream, and there was a fear/frightening situation where it was exactly in the room that I am living in, I remember it was the fear of darkness. I had a fear in my dream, then I breathed, I woke up..Then the same situation occurred the second time, then I breathed again to calm myself down, I woke up again...I felt so relieved to come back to my reality and had a out-breath and felt safe because I thought I just got out a nightmare-like dream, for god's sake...But for a while..similar fear came up again in my stomach area, then I breathed again...I woke up again, and that was the final and real reality where I opened my eyes, looking at the environment of my room with light coming into my room through the window from the outside..I almost felt no fear at all..For the first time in my life, I had such a three-layer dream, so do you guys have similar experience or just give some interesting perspectives upon my focused point-"multiple layers"...Thanks~

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Re: What does multiple-layer dream mean?

Post by Maite »

Hi Wangzhangkai,

Rather than asking for the 'meaning' or 'significance' of such dreams - I would rather look at how you can work with such dreams as a point of self-support. When we ask 'what does it mean?' - we are already assuming that there is a 'special meaning' to it and making the event 'more than' ourselves.

So, if you look at your experience with this dream, it's pretty cool, because with each 'layer' of dreams - what did you do as the fear came up? You breathed, you supported yourself. And then you were in the next layer/dream and the fear came, and again, you breathed, supported yourself - and did this through all the layers until you woke up. So - I would use this dream as a reference to walking process, where: you will often face the exact same things over and over and over again - because the mind exists as layers of information - so you will face each point multiple times as you move through the different layers. But so long as you remain consistent within your self-honesty and application - you will move through it and 'come out the other side' so to speak.

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