One Night Of Many Dreams

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One Night Of Many Dreams

Post by Arizona »

Something interesting happened to me last night. I was having dream after dream of real world situations where I was seeming to get a lesson from each dream, not that I can remember them all, but i'm here now just typing on the overall experience of this. These were kind of like "movie dreams" that many people report having but they were much kinder in comparison to my experience with "movie dreams", and more based in reality with only a bit of unrealistic strangeness to them.

I was thinking maybe what caused me to have these "many dreams" is that I had speakers on fairly loud playing rain and thunder ( so I think I was waking up for a moment and dreaming again. I always think back to something I heard which I believe in from desteni material of not to give importance to dreams and I've followed that motto for a long time. Not that I dream very often anyways hhehe. All in all dreams for me are not something comfortable but when they're "tame" like the ones I had last night then I don't mind them so much. I almost feel as if it offered a timeline to me sleeping and being here now as opposed to just arriving into another day where I struggle to force myself out of bed and out of the first thoughts of the day.

I definitively have work to do in regard to waking up in a better manner each day, fighting my thoughts every morning is getting really old. It is a real struggle for me and I know i'm better than this in regard to waking up. I remember periods of my life where I was able to wake up in a very quick and "mind-free" manner. I will work on these first thoughts.

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Re: One Night Of Many Dreams

Post by Matthew Stone »

Hey, I have really deep immersive dreams as long as I remember.

I find that in my dreams I'm aware that I'm giving importance and value to them, even if I wake up and only hardly think about them, I can see that deep down the value is there even if I don't think about it.

And then I also have a hard time waking up mind free as well.

Through my day when I am stressed out or anxious, it makes me wonder why do I value dreams so much even though they aren't helping me with the reality I'm living through work and other anxiety I create for myself.

So that helps me because it makes me realize even through through my day no point about dreaming comes up, inheritly in the dream itself I can see how over time I've given value to dreams and that's accumulated and probably fueled all my deep dreams as giving them values as answers to my life.

So thanks for helping me introspect my own dreaming with your topic.

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Re: One Night Of Many Dreams

Post by Leila »

Hey Arizona,

In terms of dreams having 'no importance' - this will depend on when/where you heard information about this. Baaaack in the day, dreams were part of the prepgrogrammed nature and was the mind trying to 'make sense of itself'. This was changed quite early on in the process, where now one can use dreams to gain perspective on where one is at in one's process. So I wouldn't just dismiss them.

There's quite a long section on dream on the Destonian wiki: and dream readings are available on EQAFE

I've had many dreams where during my 'awake' time I could see a point but not quite word it / see the whole picture, but where in the dream through symbolism my understanding of the point would come through nicely.

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