The Knowing You Are Asleep Dreams

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The Knowing You Are Asleep Dreams

Post by Danielle »


This experience I wouldn't define as a dream but it happened when my physical was sleeping. I want to find out why it happens, and if anyone else has related to this before.

Well, the first time this experience happened was when I was 16 - 17 years old. The dream happens first with the scene being a little obscured. For example, I'd create a version of ''how I would look in reality'', but in the dream, it is not the reality of how it look in the physical. In the dream, I know that I am asleep, and I try to get back into my body, a few times, the dream changes, for example locations, and I start to think in my dream if I've died or something, the scene would change to a different one, and I'd think it is reality, but it is not, and so I continue to run through scene, until I eventually start yelling and trying to jolt myself to wake up. I eventually jolt myself and I come back. The other day was the 4th time that I have had one of these experiences.

I did research about these dreams/experiences when I was 16 - 17 but nothing came up in google about them. Has anyone else related to these experiences?

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Re: The Knowing You Are Asleep Dreams

Post by Gabriel »

I have not had dreams like that but I've had a slightly different type of dream once where I suddenly - while still being in the dream - realised that I was dreaming and a split second later I woke up. It was like 'I woke myself up' from the dream, waking up from the illusion.

In the example of your dreams there seems to be a fear at play of 'losing yourself' or 'getting lost from your own body' and perhaps fear of dying in general.

I would approach these dreams purely from the startingpoint of how you experienced yourself in the dreams and apply self-forgiveness from there on the fears and the emotions.

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