Relationship Success Support - Introduction -- Free

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Relationship Success Support - Introduction -- Free

Post by Ruben »

Relationship Success Support - Introduction - Free

Personality Formation and Physical Intimacy is the road to Successful Relationships.

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Re: Relationship Success Support - Introduction -- Free

Post by danabagg »

I am a newbie to desteni, and I found the distinctions being made here between serving energy and mind, on the one hand, and the physical, on the other, difficult to follow. As far as I can tell, the distinction being made has to do with being responsible with regard to the consequences of sex rather than acting selfishly or as a result of unconscious programming. Any clarifications would be appreciated.

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Re: Relationship Success Support - Introduction -- Free

Post by Garbrielle »

Hi Danabagg,

Welcome to the forum! Cool you are investigating and listening to the free interviews on eqafe. We suggest if you are new to the forum to place an introduction post in the "Introduce Yourself' thread, where you can explain a bit about yourself and how you got to desteni. Also, to check out the Forum Guidelines to familiarize yourself with how this forum operates.

You also say you are new to the desteni message, there is a free course called DIP LIte that is a beginner course to learn more about the desteni message and practice the tools shared with buddy support, I suggest to investigate and try it if you haven't done so yet.

In regards to your question about further perspective on the distinction between the mind consequences and physical consequences within sex, it is suggested to first step back a moment and go to the links above to create a basic understanding of what the mind is and who you are in relation to the mind. Also, utilizing the search function on the desteni related pages to learn more about the desteni perspective within topics that interest you as there is much to be investigated, so it will indeed take time.

The mind within sex is more within a parasitic nature where in, we as the life force have accepted and allowed the mind to control and so direct us through our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and so within the mind's own directive will have created a whole 'consciousness' within itself that we are in the moment enslaved within and as through our physical bodies.

There is a whole process of understanding and walking within yourself to realize who you are as the mind, who you are as a physical body, what in fact your mind is driven by, what is sex as the mind, what is sex as the physical, and what indeed is aligning within physical reality in equality and oneness really mean? (and more!) There is a whole database of information through the desteni sites as well as eqafe, and I suggest to listen to these interviews to learn more and start piecing the puzzle together for yourself of the message that is being shared through the portal and the destonians who have been walking this process for themselves. There is too much to write on within this topic, so if anything is still unclear or you have more questions, please post here and we will give perspective. But I suggest to start with the DIP lite course to get a basic foundation of the desteni message and tools to support yourself with the process that is ahead to be walked. And dive into the Eqafe database as well as other's vlogs/blogs that have been shared. Looking forward to hearing more about you....enjoy, it's a fascinating journey!

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Re: Relationship Success Support - Introduction -- Free

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Hi Dannabagg and welcome,

Cool support Garbrielle.

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