Begrudging Grudges - Quantum Systematization - Part 53

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Begrudging Grudges - Quantum Systematization - Part 53

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Image Begrudging Grudges - Quantum Systematization - Part 53

Why can it be so difficult to release yourself from emotional reactions to specific people in your life?

What part of you is contributing to holding onto the reactions and not genuinely letting them go?

How can you support yourself to identify these emotional reactions in order to be able to effectively free yourself from them?


Re: Begrudging Grudges - Quantum Systematization - Part 53

Post by Flutterby »

People usually " carry a grudge" if they feel they have been slighted, insulted or an injustice has occurred. I think it's normal and i don't advocate anykind of Buddhist non- attachment practice for it. Healthy and assertive confrontation and expression of feelings can ameliorate the conflict and lift the grudge. Teaching effective conflict resolution skills is important. Why not teach these in Elementary school? Thats often where conflicts with others first arise.

There is no perfect solution. Obviously if two people are friends or lovers then each party is more invested in a good outcome than if conflict is btwn two strangers on the street. Its easier to return to love if love was there at some point in the relationship.....otherwise people can try to come to a solution ( and avoid grudges) based upon the spirit of fairness.

Grudges usually cover up pain. Have compassion for yourself and your grudges, then act if and where possible.

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Re: Begrudging Grudges - Quantum Systematization - Part 53

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HI Flutterby,

Welcome to the forum. We suggest all who are new to this forum to post on the Introduce Yourself thread and share a bit about yourself and how you got to desteni. Also, we require all on this forum to use there real name, so please let us know what your real name is on this thread and a moderator can change it. Please check out the Forum Guidelines to familiarize yourself with how this forum operates.

These interviews that are being presented on eqafe are based on walking a process to stop the abuse of ourselves through the mind and become self directed individuals living in a principled way in what is best for all. The desteni process incorporates into one's life tools such as self forgiveness, self honesty, and changing oneself within one's living to support life in all ways. There is much on these topics and much to understand to really in fact change oneself to stop grudging others for instance, as there is much more then meets the eye in this reality. For more information and sites I suggest to check out, you can start with the FAQ on the Desteni main page or listen to the free interviews to start on eqafe. I am not sure how familiar you are with this site, so suggest to investigate the links and place any questions you have here and we can all give perspectives to support with better understanding if needed.

There is also the Desteni I Process Lite course, which is a beginner step by step walk through of the desteni material and lessons to practice and understand more in depth the reason for self forgiveness, what is self honesty, what is the mind, and much more. This course includes free buddy support. It's very supportive and fun as well.

Looking forward to hearing more about you.

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