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Regarding "John F Kennedy on Elite, Bush and Ron Paul":
Well, it is clearly understood that the presidency in US (like in many other countries) is an executive role rather than a policy making one, and the ones (e.g. Abraham Lincoln and JFK) who dared to move toward the democracy via challenging the private owned monetary system were assassinated. The message regarding engaging the people in the "polarity game" is clear, however would this be a justification not to vote for a candidate (e.g. Ron Paul) that speaks of democracy with relatively reasonable analysis? Of course democracy would not be established over a night, but wouldn’t appointment of a Ron Paul one at least reduce the speed of spiteful policies giving humanity more time to maybe maybe maybe wake up before facing complete destruction? Didn’t JFK himself serve humanity and contribute to the rise of political awareness by engaging himself in politics?
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Re: Multiply Video Links - Old Interviews

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My perspective is that one single man will have it very difficult to change an entire system that is not only limited to America, but the rest of the world.

Therefore as much as it may seem like R.Paul could create a change, the actual making of it would have to trespass the entire congress and other instances' decisions which will most likely not 'give in' easily to any outrageous reform. Therefore, as much as we would like to create a solution within the entire system we realize that it is not possible unless people start embracing the change as an entire system reform. For now we can see that there will be no quick fixes and the outcomes as consequences of the entire make-believe system will have to be faced by all.

This is how we rather focus on educating ourselves to create the solutions required in this world that won't come only from another 'saving god' as a candidate with a bit more of common sense - we all have to step into politics as the general care that should have always existed as part of being in this world and coexisting with other beings.

Within this, there is no doubt that the Equal Money System and the points that we are proposing are the way to go as it is considering not only re-structuring the entire political scene, but taking into consideration the need to educate each individual that is here as the system, we are the ones powering this entire existence so the point of change resides in each one of us - so, we take self responsibility for it.
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Re: Multiply Video Links - Old Interviews

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Glad to see some of these old videos that I remember watching four years ago... I have hundreds on different media but not all... Cool, Thanks!
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