hello, desteni.

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Sam Ellul
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hello, desteni.

Postby Sam Ellul » 22 Mar 2012, 05:12

i'm eighteen. i began to observe desteni since i was about sixteen. i've spent nearly half a day thinking about this post. i was diagnosed within the autism spectrum from an early age, a diagnosis that is only based on actions, mannerisms and speech patterns. i've seen abuse in various degrees and contexts, just as anyone else.
my gender is irrelevant.

i may have pretty much dropped out of highschool. i have no income. i have no prepared skills, nor have i grown any talents. i'm supported by my family. currently, i might aswell try everything i can since i've had so much time to do nothing.
i intend to support someone less fortunate than me until they're not.
i don't have my own life mapped out. i don't always have such a good concept of time. the mind keeps me company, but apparently breath is better.

i've been thinking that maybe this organization could be my last hope for anything in this world. it's saddening that people are too mentally screwed up to trust anything with equality written on it. i'd like to see what's best for all life become popularized, cultivated, but ultimately a reality.
i'm willing to help out here if or when i can.

thank you.

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Re: hello, desteni.

Postby Marlen » 22 Mar 2012, 05:38

Hey Sam, welcome to the forum.

Cool you made the decision to come and participate here - the best way that you can support is by supporting yourself first. So, let us know where you're at in terms of having watched the videos, read the articles, the forum and if you are ready to start sharing your writings as well.

Here we support each other to get to understand how we created ourselves as our own mind and how we can walk a process of self-correction wherein we realize what's best to live as ourselves within the context of what's best for all. This is then first focusing on your own process before going into supporting another as yourself.
i'd like to see what's best for all life become popularized, cultivated, but ultimately a reality.
I definitely agree, we're here to create and cultivate the new Culture of Life, one that is no longer profit-making based in means of diverting the attention to remain secluded and individualized in bubbles of 'reality' - but actually get to know ourselves, share, stand in self honesty and become the human beings that are able to share and walk a process to establish Equality in this world.

Yes, and all of that beings here with ourselves.

Enjoy - cool you're here.

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Re: hello, desteni.

Postby Ann » 22 Mar 2012, 07:08

Welcome Sam!

The best help is to help ourselves, preferably with the assistance of others (because we dont always see every pattern about ourselves or can be stuck in a fuck up that others may see and point out etc..). Because if you help yourself through the tools shared here: self honesty, writing etc... you get over your limitations and move your life to do whats best for all = which in result this is best for all. Helping yourself becomes helping all.

I also never really knew what I would do in my life, also because I have many intrests and I wanted to do many things but not just 1 thing in particular. But I chose a direction to take, and am going for it. I am in my 2nd year of university now, studying sociology.

And your just 18 so you can still easily develop skills :) (well even 90 year olds can ofcourse:P) you dont need pre-programmed talents to develop them. When I went to study art in highschool, I didnt consider myself to be talented or anything. I just went, and did it lol. When you practice something, you can learn it. As you say "growing" a talent. So the future is open for you, and it will be what you decide you will do and will be.


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Rozelle de Lange
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Re: hello, desteni.

Postby Rozelle de Lange » 22 Mar 2012, 07:14

Hi Sam :)
Cool you made the decision to come and participate here - the best way that you can support is by supporting yourself first.
- Indeed. This is the only way we are able to change the world outside, by first going inside and changing ourselves.

Welcome to the forum, and I'm looking forward to reading more about you within your sharing here.


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Re: hello, desteni.

Postby Lindsay » 22 Mar 2012, 12:11

Hey Sam - welcome here - cool support you've received.

When you're ready, suggest to open up a thread here to support yourself in writing - you can check out other people's threads there are well, as examples: Writing Yourself to Freedom


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Re: hello, desteni.

Postby Fidelisspies » 22 Mar 2012, 21:15


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Re: hello, desteni.

Postby Bella » 22 Mar 2012, 22:20

hi Sam!

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Rebecca Dalmas
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Re: hello, desteni.

Postby Rebecca Dalmas » 23 Mar 2012, 04:15

Hi Sam,
Cool Intro.

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Re: hello, desteni.

Postby Joao » 23 Mar 2012, 05:49

Hi Sam - Welcome to the forum!
You've taken the first step! Now we all walk together as one towards what is best for all!

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Re: hello, desteni.

Postby Cathy » 23 Mar 2012, 06:51

Cool you're here Sam!

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