Bernard's Passing Away

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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Bernard Poolman, the Point of Equality

Each one will first scare themselves shitless with doom and gloom, then bring it back to self, direct self and stand up. Each must go through this – that is the point of equality.

Bernard Poolman has died and as his daughter, Cerise said, the world is poorer for it.

The death of Bernard is like losing my best friend; which is a funny thing to say: ‘best’ friend implies polarity, hierarchy – but what I mean is that Bernard was a ‘best’ friend to everyone who knew him. Bernard was Best for All and he asked, “are you?”.

Along with Sunette Spies and Esteni De Wit, Bernard revealed the fantastic deception that has occurred on this planet – a deception that has been intuited throughout the centuries by many astute observers and players but never has anyone stood up and challenged our acceptance and allowance… When Bernard said things like, “we live in a “predesigned hierarchy, of various paths to enlightenment…apparent “paths” designs within an infinite design” – the ‘crowd’ went wild, calling him evil and …worse

The movie, “The Matrix” presents a similar scenario; that, unbeknownst to humanity, we have been controlled, enslaved; our energy harvested for the self-interest of a group of individuals who rule over us. It is this matrix; this “system design” that interprets and defines our existence, without a memory, a context of who we really are, and are our history. Our minds have been engineered to infinitely spiral, never actually progressing, never actually understanding creation within an “emotion frequency” grid line structure; mirrored in the omnipresent Fibronnaci Spiral.

I focused on self honesty to not again allow the same type of relationships to fuck up my life, it took many mistakes to stop me again and again from ending up in the same loop as the whole world is intent on the relationship of slaves to keep the few in luxury and if you are lucky enough to be born into luxury, all your relationships are laid out for and easy life–thus–to do this will not be easy

Unlike The Martrix, Bernard showed us that we became willing participants in this scheme and that we have evolved to become co-creators in our own self-deception. The result is a world birthed in fear and ruled by self interest and that self-interest has created a hell on earth whose ultimate outcome, if not corrected, will be to devour the very support our bodies and this earth give to us unconditionally.

thus–Jesus said–Judge not lest ye be judged…that means –do not have energy charged to patterns and memories as that will control you…judgment thus is energy and vibrations that imposed positive or negative

Bernard showed that we cannot stop our enslavement unless we stop participation within it. This is self-responsibility and this includes responsibility to and for others, as ourselves.

This requires introspection, and the consideration that any condition that exists – is existing due to the relationships that formed it, and identifying these relationships in severing them through self forgiveness, removing from design and memory – its very existence; is the core cure of self responsibility.

It is our task, to support [those who cannot hear] – without giving them a way out. The realisation must be real in every way. In this – we are well positioned, and the physical-feedback gives us an effective time-line, as to the emerging physical awareness. It is still, currently – still at the “OMG Horror-scream” phase of self-awareness. The battle between – the physical-awakening and the mind-dictatorship, will start to take shape and even in some cases – move quite fast during the next two years. It is for us to identify and bring closer, those that are ready – without compromising in any way the principle foundation message of oneness and equality…and it is to find in every day – something to structurally share, that may direct many at various points in time as they search for sanity in the emerging madness.

It is focusing the world’s eyes on the obvious disparity that exist, economically.

Fortunately, time-awareness only exist in the Mind, and at a consciousness level, are as easy to adjust as breathing.

…everything is actually known, and quite pliable and easy to change. But first the participant – must awake from its false image and imagination. MADness or DEMON-possession, is a quick way – which will drive ppl first to God, and when god fail to the devil and when the devil fail to themselves; patience will be necessary for all that is fortunate enough to not have to go through this acceleration of the GREAT AWAKENING.

Substance movement is to breathe, not air – that is separation, it is to breathe the physical as yourself being the physical, complete in all facets at the atomic-level each atom interacting in full awareness, yet as one – equal.

Remember not to argue for your limitations or their limitations. Breathe. Here. And you will be Amazed to find that the physical, knows everything already.

You asked to be shown – and the physical is showing you.
And, when the physical shows – it is never what one imagine it to be. It is the journey to real awareness, and when all look – daunting, direction is available through self-responsibility. [from from a chat with Bernard in March, 2011]

Thank you Bernard: you are, and have always been, a Best Friend.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Post by Christoph Badelt »

Hi Sunette, hi everyone

First of all I want to express my sincere condolescenes to Bernards family and to all those who held him dear. He was an awesome man who has supported countless beings, and yes, the world is poorer now that he has left.

Still what I want to share is that I really wish for the portal to remain in place. At this point I don't have knowledge about this point, if and how bernards passing away will affect the portal- but anyway I want to make a point here.

A central point of Desteni to me, surely is that all beings in existence should have an equal right and practical means to express themselves freely. this point, in many ways has been verbalized by Mr. Poolman and other Destonians. Yet, to me it is and was also clearly represented in the portal itself, which gave beings unconditional access to communicate through the body of sunette, and to make us "embodied" beings here (us humans) aware of what any other beings/parts of existence are having to say, what they think, how they view existence and what the think about existence.

I truly wish that now, although bernard is not here anymore, there will be this point of equality between the human "sphere" and all other spheres, in stable continuation. Not because I yearn for "messages", but because it represents the actual point of lived equality between us humans and "the rest of existance", and that, after all is what we want to have in place, and what we want to have more of- equality- in fact, lived, applied.

So I want to offer my dilligence, my appreciation of this eqality, represented by the portal, if in any case any point of stability is needed for the portal to remain in place, so that we may hear more from what the rest of existance has to share, and for a continuation of this process of communication and equality.

I remember that it was shared in the history of desteni, that bernard represented a point of "stability" in some way, for it to function. I think, as we- all those who appreciated the sharings and the applications of self forgiveness and self honesty- now will (or must) apply these awesome tools of bringing more eqality into our lives and into our world, without bernards physical presence- for ourselves, we should also stand as the point of stability for the portal. as the portal is for me one of the most central and visible points and achievements of actual equality in this world, as it enables countless beings acces and sharing.

I myself am 100% sure that equality is the way, there is no other, and I will never see it any other way. I want to see beings coming through this portal, because life is for free, it is for everyone. Life has the last word, and there is no need to fear anything in a way- the strife for life is the only thing that has real value- while we can do all sorts of other things too- but if we have no life we have nothing.

So from my part- Sunette- feel free to travel the universe and gift us with the voices of those whom we cannot see with our physical eyes, so that we can understand more. And to all Destonians, if you are with me in my plea- speak up :D

Heartfelt, :oops:

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Post by Christoph Badelt »

sylvia wrote:Christoph the portal will stay open and Sunette will still be portalling.

thanksfor sharing sylvia! that is good news :)

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Post by Kristina »

All I can say is we face another point that tests our ground - to see where we are standing and if we have truly committed ourselves to living as examples through tools B's showed in absolute terms. He gave us all what we require and we knew we would have to walk alone. Now here is our opportunity to actually Live it. To Never Stop, to Always Push and to Never Accept anything less than What is Best for all - Within or Without. Thank you B - Thank you All. All for One and One for All.

Here is my blog about Bernard's passing 227: Bernard Poolman - A Living Example

This morning (Sunday, August 11th, 2013) I had a chat with a Destonian living on the Desteni farm.

Our conversation was coming to an end and she shared news with me I thought I would never hear.

"Bernard has passed away... his heart stopped."

That moment of timelessness carried on forever, as if I was stuck in that moment, anticipating a reaction that would never come.

I couldn't believe it... it's couldn't be possible. What words could I possibly express with this expressionless experience I had?

I had to go to work.

I thanked her for chatting with me and continued on getting myself ready to leave for work. What else could I do? I am still here and my responsibilities remain.

As I was gathering my things to leave my house... slowly but surely... the reality as the realization set it...

Bernard was gone.

I stopped and I cried. I let myself sob like a baby as I realized a Living Example unlike anything else in this world has left.

This Man - this human by the name of Bernard Poolman did more for me in the 4 years I have known him than anyone or even myself had done for me. And yet he offered me nothing. He promised me nothing. He simply lived who he was within principles - a process that he walked throughout his life that lead him to be an Example that I saw the value in in all that he did.

I breathed through the tears and continued to leave my house and got into my car. The reality hit again and again I allowed myself to cry. He was really gone. Is this a joke? How can this be? What will happen now?

The experiences and points coming up within me on my car ride were one of clarity and sadness. I realized nothing will change. Nothing will change if I do not change. And the fear I had and the loss I experienced I reflected back to myself. I saw that who Bernard was and what he represented to me was what I was missing from my own life - from my own self. I had not yet given myself strength, determination, self will and motivation. These are the points I saw I no longer had in the wake of his death. Somehow with him gone... these were gone too?

Bernard taught me that I must Give to myself. That I must be Self Honest with myself. That There is nothing that can save me, protect me or support me. That I am Alone in this Existence and as fearful as this realization is it is a self honest one. I Alone must face the Reality we have Here. I Alone can Be the Change required in this World. I Alone can Direct myself and my world into a place of Worth. I Alone can Stand as ALL as ONE.

I am Al-one.

I got to work and although there were tears still coming and going, I breathed and decided that I will allow myself to be at work, to be present and do what I see I must do in the moment. The World has not stopped Moving and I had to continue on with what job I had before me.

I was stable at work, surprisingly so. Although to be honest, I wanted nothing more to be done with work and get home to the support and connection I have found through the foundation Bernard had set in motion. The Destonians gathered for a chat and many were sharing their experiences. I could relate to all of them.

As the tears kept coming I imagined Bernard Saying, "Why Cry for Me and not the Millions of Children starving today?"

He would not have wanted this. He would not have stood for this - the mourning of one Man's death instead of the Mourning for what this World has Become. For who we each have become. This is where real sadness exists.

This is another thing Bernard lived as an Example for me - Stepping outside of one's own Self Interest and bubble of Ego to See a Whole World in dire need of Attention; of real Human Beings in this World that Actually Care and that are willing to let go of their personal desires and wants and Dare to Stand Up for the Rest of the World - for those of Us that have no Voice and yet are crying out. I never heard their voices because I never dared to look; to see to hear or be Here. Bernard supported me to Realize there is more than Myself in this Existence... there is SO MUCH MORE in this Existence and our Accepted Existence is Unacceptable.

I spent only two months on the Desteni Farm and am grateful to say I was able to meet and spend time with Bernard. Two Months on the Farm and in speaking with Bernard assisted me more than any other experience in my Life. Because he was Direct. He was brutally Direct and would not Accept anything Less than what is Best for All from me or from anyone.

I recall a moment where I was sitting in my room and he came in with a voice recorder. He proceeded to make a recording as support for me and the main point I remember from that Moment was when he said, "So Kristina - Make sure you Live so that You Can Die"

These words carried a weight in me since then, reflecting on what it means to Truly Live. If I am not Ready to Die in any moment, I am not actually Living. Bernard lived in such a way, giving all of himself, unconditionally, in every moment and always pushing for another's potential. In this I realized I must stop hiding and I must stand up. I must be a voice for the voiceless - I must give to another what I would like to receive. I must live in such a way where I can live out loud. I must live without Shame. Until Desteni and the Living Example of B - I lived in a hole of shame. Self Forgiveness has been my way out.

Never had I considered living up to my real potential. Never had I thought I had potential. I always accepted and never questioned myself and how I deemed myself as unworthy - I would never do anything in this Life, what was the point... I had no point. Bernard showed me I had to give myself a point. A purpose. And he did this through his Living Example. He spoke words that cut through the veil of myself and brought me to a point of self honesty I could not deny. I had giving up on Me in Life and he showed me how to Stand Up. For myself. For All of myself - For All as One as Equal.

And yet Bernard was Just a Man. Like I am Just a WoMan. There is nothing Special about him or me. There is nothing special about anyone in this world. Because we are All Equal.

The Message is what Matters. That the Physical Earth is what Matters and what is happening on Earth Matters. Let us All take a real good look at what is Going on as the time is now for each one to Stand Equal to and One with the Principles Bernard Poolman so graciously showed in all that he did. Self Honesty. Equality. Oneness. What is Best for All.

Never Accept anything without Investigating in All things and keeping only that which is Good. It is time we Forgive Ourselves for what we have not Giving to ourselves and Each other. Only together as One - All as One - Alone can we live in ways that can actually manifest Heaven on Earth as what is Best for All. Bernard's death is not in vain as what he created was a group of People that saw the value in his Message, the reality that only together as One Humanity can we sort out the mess we have created. And we continue to apply the principles and will continue to Stand, 1+1+1... until this is Done. Until this World is a Place of Worth - reflected as the image and likeness of Equality and Oneness. The Man might be Gone, but the Message remain. We Remain. We are the Ones to Be the Change we Want to see in this World.

Bernard had his feet firmly planted and grounded in this Reality and so we have mighty shoes to fill. Yet we have the tools and the example from which to Live. To never accept anything less of ourselves as who we really are in each moment. To Always breathe and be Here in Physical Reality. To stop our Self interest and Give as we would like to receive. To stop at Nothing in Creating what this World should truly be - A place for All as unconditional Support and Expression.

We have no more excuses and no more time. We must Be Responsible.

Thank you Bernard for Being Here and showing what it means to Love Self and All Life Equally.

Forever I am Grateful.

Thank you Destonians - All who have heard the Message that is Best for All, hear the Common Sense and Stand for Life in this World - I am grateful to walk with you and I am grateful for your living examples. Together we Stand... Let's do this.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Post by Matti Freeman »

Day 211 - The End of God in Our Destiny as Life Equal - See more at:

When I started applying the Desteni tools - being Here, standing one and equal with what is Here in and as the Physical reality in every Breath - I started Facing myself for the first time in my life - I started noticing what's actually going on inside me for the first time in my life. I mean it was simple. The perspective shared was -- if you are not Here in every moment of breath -- where are you? Duh - in my mind. And -- obviously within that I could see that my mind -- the alternate reality of thoughts, feelings, emotions, fantasies, imagination, beliefs, etc -- is not in fact who I really am -- not in fact 'reality'. Because -- if it's real -- it is Here -- whereas what I immediately noticed when I started Breathing and Stopping myself participating within for example, the love and light and fantasies about higher dimensions -- all the spirituality I had been participating in -- was that it all vanished in the blink of an eye -- or in this case, in the blink of a, well breaths don't blink I guess but you know what I mean, lol. I mean - here I was this apparently 'enlightened being', apparently having 'realized' myself as this 'light being', apparently 'aware' of all these wonderful 'love and light' realities going on in higher dimensions, and apparently in the process of 'ascending' into them -- and, all of it disappeared in one moment. It ceased to exist. Simply by standing Here in this Physical reality - simply deciding to stand Here as Life, in every moment of Breath. Not standing as some picture / idea of 'light', or 'love', or 'enlightenment' -- but simply being Here, with that which is already here -- that which does not Require me to participate in some elaborate story in my mind in order to experience.
I mean, I immediately saw that my entire apparent 'spiritual progress' was just a fantasy -- just Energy generated as an alternate reality - like a computer game, through the knowledge and information programming I had defined myself within and as.

And when all the pretty pictures and energy vanished - I was left here, with myself and I saw --hmmmm, I've never actually done anything. I never actually developed myself or realized myself or saw what is going on in reality because -- it was all just knowledge, ideas, beliefs, and energy.

Now, I wasn't afraid of this -- I wasn't afraid to give up spirituality and stop participating in the pretty pictures and fuzzy energy because -- I happened to actually want to understand what is really going on in this existence. And, when I saw this message of -- let's do what's best for all Life, and the perspective that, we've separated ourselves from who we really are as Equals as Life through Energy which is just a system generated through Self Definitions within the Mind based on Knowledge and Information -- it made sense immediately. I mean it's really simple -- who we really are is Life, and the reason this world is the way it is is because we've never actually stood as Life as Equals Here but have always been separated from our actual essence / Self as Life through Definitions based in -- Self Interest -- some form of avoiding / denying / separating ourselves from Responsibility for Existence.
I mean, that's all God is - and any form of Spirituality -- anything where there is some idea of some 'higher power' that is directing things and is therefore responsible and all we're here to do is 'go along for the ride' because eventually no matter what -- we'll return to this form of 'God' and be in bliss and happiness forever. I mean, everyone wants to believe that in some form or other which is obviously why we haven't ever stood up and taken Responsibility for this world as if WE are God.

Now with Desteni and Bernard Poolman and the Portal, though it was these 'individual people' sharing the message -- it was always obvious in the words that the message was never about following 'a person', as some kind of 'God' to be revered and venerated above anyone else. The message was always, from the beginning when I started studying the material, about Self Responsibility -- about Standing as the Ultimate Point of Responsibility which is to Stand as Life itself -- which is the same Life in All which is thus to Stand as All as One as Equal and to simply LOOK at what is going on INSIDE US AS LIFE -- which is, a world of abuse and suffering where we are not living as Life / God, within taking Responsibility for Creation -- and to within this realize -- whooops, I've / we've trapped myself / ourselves in my / our own Separation. And so what makes sense is to - if we're ever to actually have a world / existence where we're all living as One in Harmony with each other -- we're going to have to walk a process of Self Honesty in every moment of Breath, investigating, uncovering, and removing all the designs of Separation from Life within ourselves that we've accepted and allowed ourselves to exist within and as. We're going to have to Forgive Ourselves and Re-Create ourselves as Life, Here, as Equal and as One.

So - within this, fascinatingly - no form of 'God' can exist -- no 'higher power' or 'mystery' can exist -- if we are to really be here living as Life, as God, as Creation, as Creators -- there can be nothing that we are not able to Direct to a point that is Best for All -- there can be no point where we Abdicate ourselves, Abdicate Responsibility because -- oh I don't understand how that works, or -- oh that's not part of my life. I mean, to Live as Life, Here as Equals and as One -- is to Include All Lives within and as Ourselves and make sure that All Parts of ourselves are in fact what is best for All Life - because then real Harmony, real Peace can exist in existence -- when there exists no point that is not Best for All.

So, at first I experienced / perceived Bernard as being like a form of God because he was able to explain everything and anything in exact specific detail as how it actually works. But what I realized through my application of writing, investigating myself in self honesty, and applying self forgiveness was that -- as I was applying this, I was uncovering / seeing how my mind actually works and how I've created myself, and within that I was also seeing how the same designs were existing in the 'outer' within the world system / reality as it exists. And what I've experienced / discovered within my process is that as I'm seeing how a design within myself actually works and where it came from / how I created it - for example a specific thought pattern, or feeling, or emotion, or self definition -- I can then explain / share with another how it works / how it's structured because - I'm directly seeing it. Like if you are in a house with an architect, and he's pointing at the wall and the ceiling and the floor and all the appliances and explaining how all the systems inside the walls are functioning and how they fit together and how they're designed -- and then, you tear apart the wall and you start seeing it yourself.

So - what I realized / saw is that Bernard is simply someone who has managed to walk the process of uncovering how everything works, the specific designs within ourselves / of ourselves through which we've separated ourselves from who we really are as Life - which is a process we can each walk -- and, it starts with one breath at a time, one point at a time, one thoughtsat a time, one feeling, emotion, reaction at a time -- doing the writing, seeing the structure, the design, seeing all the points where it's being held in place through specific points of Acceptance and Allowance -- and then within that being able to remove the design through Self Forgiveness applied on each specific Acceptance and Allowance.

In my first couple of years walking my process I couldn't imagine Bernard dying, because at that stage, as I can see now -- I had created a relationship toward Bernard as this God figure, this 'Source of Guidance', someone through whom I was able to experience like 'everything will be okay' because 'there is this one person who understands what to do and will show us the way' -- and within that I was not yet Standing fully as Myself, in Self Trust, as Life -- I still existed within a form of energy version of Stability dependent on this specific relationship being in place. And, if Bernard had died at that stage -- I can see, I would have been really an 'emotional wreck' because that relationship design would no longer be able to exist and thus my apparent 'stability' would have fallen.

And, this is why for example we'll experience such an intense experience of loss and despair and sadness and all this emotion when a friend, or a family member, or a partner, or a pet, or any kind of figure in our world toward which we've created within ourselves a relationship of dependence based on something they 'represent' to us - like, 'completion', or 'love', or 'acceptance', or 'understanding', or 'guidance' -- we'll totally lose it if they Die because -- that relationship can no longer exist within ourselves and so that's why it literally feels like we've 'lost' something from inside ourselves. When in reality -- we created the experience because we created that very relationship because --- we never were standing as Stability, as Love, as Acceptance, as Understanding for and As Ourselves.

I my process I've walked through many such experiences where something was 'lost' or 'taken away' - where, some relationship changed or was removed and all of a sudden I'm like, totally fucked up, and -- only through the tools of Self Honesty, Breathing, Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective writing and Application have I been able to transcend / stand up within these points within realizing - okay, I created this so -- how did I create this? What do I experience has been 'lost'? For example a relationship ends and now I feel like 'lonely'. Well, within that Self Honestly I have to see that -- I've never lived Companionship and partnership with myself -- I've never Given myself the Care that I'm wanting another to give me and thus -- that's my point of Self Honesty, my point of Self Responsibility where I can Forgive Myself and Stand Up within the 'loss' experience and make the Decision to Become / Live that which I believed I cannot give myself and thus must be 'given' by another.

And this is what we've been walking for years now as Desteni as a group. Each of us taking Self Responsibility to investigate these things within ourselves, to Stand Up, and Become the Support, the Care, the Nurturing, the Understanding, the Respect that we've desired from another, or from 'God', or from 'Spirituality', or from whatever. And this is why the message of Desteni is so obviously not about being a 'cult' and is not a 'scam' because -- one cannot 'be' a Destonian unless you get the point of Self Responsibility and unless you get the point of Standing Alone - Standing Alone and yet Together as Life as Equals. I mean, how can we ever be Equals if we cannot all Equally Stand Alone as Self Support? Because then - we can really Care for each other because then Care is not an expression of Self Interest where we only 'Care' about that which makes us feel good or tells us we're special, but is rather an Expression of Self Respect and Integrity where we make sure that All Life is supported Equal because we Value All Life Equal As Ourselves.

This is what Bernard showed us and the best support I got from Bernard was in seeing how -- he did not give a fuck if someone doesn't 'like him' and he wasn't interested in people 'following him' because -- he wasn't interested in a world where we see another as 'more than', or 'less than'. He did his Self Forgiveness and was able to Stand as Life and did not accept or allow anything less than a world of Equals as Life and thus wan't afraid to call out people's Self Interest in seeing that -- as long as Self Interest exists - as long as there exists a point within ourselves where we aren't valuing / considering / standing as All Life Equal -- I mean that's neglect, that's separation - that's the whole problem in this world. That's why we justify poverty and starvation and war and rape and murder and animal abuse -- that's why such things are able to take place daily in this world and -- as long as it's not part of 'my life' and 'my relationships' and 'that which makes me happy' == I don't care.

Bernard wasn't afraid to expose the selfishness that really exists in everyone -- and he was able to expose it in a way where he could share how he himself had walked through those same points within himself and thus wasn't 'judging' anyone but was rather saying -- hey, if I could stop my self interest and selfishness and forgive myself and start caring about all life Equal -- then everyone can.

And this is what we're doing at Desteni, this is the process I've been walking. We're sharing from experience - from what we've seen within ourselves. And that's all Bernard ever did. He walked the process of becoming a Human that Cares - a Human that is Life that Supports Life -- And, in seeing that we're actually able to change our very 'Human Nature' and remove any design within ourselves, any thought, feeling, emotion, definition that cannot stand as what is Best for All -- we see that it is a Universal process - it works the same for All of us because, in case you haven't noticed -- we're all Humans, all made from the Dust of the Earth, all Breathing the same Air -- and thus, Bernard was never a 'God' and was never going to 'do this for us' -- because in order for Change to be Real -- we all have to Change ourselves, so that the Change in the World is the result of Who we Are.

So Bernard showed us the way - but the way is not lost because he died, because the way was not Bernard' -- the way is Principle. He showed us the Principles that we can all See in ourselves, for ourselves if we just Look, and he showed us that - if we are really serious, if we really care for ourselves, we'll Stand Up and we'll Live these Principles as he did -- we'll be Equal.

This is what is missed in Religion. I mean Jesus gave us some cool Principles -- Love thy Neighbor as Yourself, Do unto Others as you'd have Done unto You -- but instead of living the Principles where SELF is the 'WAY' to Heaven as Heaven on Earth through Each of us becoming Equal as a Living Principle --- we fucked up and believed that 'Jesus is the Way', and that Heaven is 'Up there' somewhere and we must 'Follow Jesus' to 'Get to Heaven', and 'we can never be Equal to God'. I mean it's that Relationship point where -- instead of Giving Ourselves the Way through Self Forgiveness -- we created a relationship toward a person and abdicated Responsibility, abdicated Principle and -- Voila! We have a world filled with immeasurable suffering with everyone looking for their own version of the 'Savior' - whether in Religion, or Spirituality, or Relationships, or Sex, or Entertainment, or Love, or Drugs, or Alcohol. Everyone in their own little Cult.

If you study Desteni you will see that Bernard Dared to Stand for a world where there is no God except All Equal as God / Life. A world where there is no Heaven except All Equal in Heaven as that which we have Lived into Reality as the Result of Who we Are as Life as what is Best for All.

So was Desteni about 'following Bernard Poolman'? Nope. Because - fascinatingly, if you remove the name 'Bernard' completely from this reality and you delete all pictures of Bernard and delete all memories of Bernard --- the Principles still Remain -- Self Honesty, Best for All, Self Forgiveness -- these are a part of Each of us -- the Tools to become our own Saviors. And this is what we as Desteni as a Group stand as - to each of us become the Living Principles that will create a world that is Best for All.

When you are ready, join us and we'll walk as Equals in the Journey to our Destiny as Life Equal.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

Post by Ann »

Never had I considered living up to my real potential. Never had I thought I had potential. I always accepted and never questioned myself and how I deemed myself as unworthy - I would never do anything in this Life, what was the point... I had no point. Bernard showed me I had to give myself a point. A purpose. And he did this through his Living Example.
hehe yes I had a similar experience with Bernard. When he walked in the house and I was near he often was saying "passion Ann, passion Ann". over and over again. I was often thinking: why does he keep on saying that, I heard it already.
But I didnt really hear it as myself, I mean as a realisation.
Meaning that I myself never had a drive, a passion, also kind of feeling not able to do anything good, or not having any drive within me to become something or do something. And what he said was that I should be my own motivation, to "drive myself" so to say. Because I often had the experience of not knowing what to do with my life, where to go... no future perspective. And I must push myself to make things happen, since nothing is going to happen by itself and because direction is necessary in a world like we have, where so much has to be changed.
And to me he seemed full of passion, for life that is.

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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Yes Ann - damn your description of your experience is like reading my own words.

So B showed us we Must Move ourselves simply because we see what is necessary to be done and if I am not passionate - passing on what is best for all through/as me as Life then I am not living up to my true potential. What other reason must we give ourselves to Stand for/as Life? Other Than Life itself?

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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I tried several times yesterday and today to post this to Bernards blog without success...

Thank you Bernard for being the best example of what LIVING AS ALL AS ONE AS EQUAL AS LIFE, through absolute self honesty, actually is. I also thank you Cerise for this blog, as what Bernard taught was what he walked, and those of us who faced our fear and accepted the principles he himself made real in his own life to apply in our lives as well. I never met Bernard in person, but he was the only person on my list that I follow and it has always been the principle of what is best for all that was the pinnacle of inspiration for me, he was just the man to live it. Bernard was the second coming of Jesus from my perspective and now we have his legacy to show that Bernard will live through us in this world as we change and become the living physical expression of love as life, leaving no one out... 1+1=2

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Re: Bernard's Passing Away

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It came as a shock when I noticed a blog post that Bernard Poolman died. His daughter Cerise Poolman published that he passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning, 11 August 2013 (SA time) and that his heart stopped beating.

Bernard was my dear friend and a role-model. I had privilege to meet him when I visited Desteni farm two years ago. Based on the work he had done, he can from my perspective be easily compared to Jesus or Buddha. I did not expect him to go so soon, since he was working on the extensive life research and I expected that he has access to knowledge that would enable him to live forever. However I learned that the dimensions of existence that he researched and influenced also demanded from him immense effort so he suffered great pain end pressure while dealing with all the systems.

He influenced and supported me in a very unusual, but effective way. After years of visiting many spiritual workshops, retreats and paying thousand of euros for Reiki, Angelic and other alternative medicine therapies that did not work at all, Bernard assisted me greatly. When I was at the dinner table in the Desteni farm kitchen, we had a conversation. I did not said to him verbally, however in my mind I was saying to him: “Here I am now. I have come here for you to destroy me. Now do it!". And he did. He destroyed me with greater intensity that I ever imagined.

By destroying me, I mean destroying my ego, my false self, my mind that I tried to destroy myself for many years but nothing worked. I knew that gurus and healers are fakers. They just stroked my ego and I required a firm hand to beat the hell out of me. Bernard had his ways, only few people understood why he was doing things the way he did, but he was exactly what I needed. He was not afraid to speak what he wanted to convey, all he wanted was the truth and what is best for all. He stood up for all living beings bravely and heroically.

My most prominent point was fear of judgement from others. I feared expressing myself and thus developed quiet, introverted personality who was hiding behind computers and cameras. Bernard discovered this right away and gave me a lesson that I will never forget. Now, thanks to his support, I fear no more. I stand up firmly and do not care what others think. And I also learned to support others in similar ways that Bernard supported me. Some are so caught in their minds, so possessed with love and light that need a firms shaking before they realize their bull shit fakery.

I will continue the fight he started, I will keep beating the hell out of me and out of others, until all evil will be removed from this world. The destruction of life must stop, the mind must stop. We have lived in separation for too long. It is time that we learn the lessons, open our eyes and realize what we are doing to self and others. We can do much better than this. We can create a world full of abundance and prosperity. We can create heaven on earth. And we will!
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