Suggestions in sleeping a dog

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Suggestions in sleeping a dog

Postby JessicaArias » 01 Feb 2014, 18:43

Yesterday, my dog Brandy again bite and attacked one of my dogs. She ( Cookie ) was bitten once a few months ago but in yesterday the epissode was more intense and Cookie had 3 broken ribs and other things in her body so my mom and I decided to sleep her due to all the complications in her recovery and also about money. I feel guilty but it was in a way 'the best for her'. I don´t know what is really best in these cases but now she is resting.

So, Brandy has done this several times with another little dog I have so we decided to separate them due to their issues, but Cookie was like 'controllable' in a way because my mom and I were careful in not making noises or movements that probably incomodate Brandy, but yesterday my mom was trying to go out of house and she was trying to keep away Cookie from the door in a rude way so Brandy took her and started to bite her. It was very difficult to separate her from the dogs she bite. And also 2 dogs more participated in the scene but Brandy did the worst part.

In the house we have to lock Brnady while we are eating, etc to evade this things to happen but is scalating, her attacks are more intense and we are afraid
So, many times the veterinarian had suggested us to sleep her or to give her in adoption; we give her in adoption once but the family was very scared due to her way to protect people. She is nice here in house, and also when I go out with her is nice, but if somenone are near the house or near the car she gets crazy, she is nice with us here in house and with other big dogs we have, but when she tries to protect us she can also bite us and could harm my mother and me. So giving her in adoption has been very hard due to people not knowing how to work with her. We have her since she was a puppy so we know her and how she reacts in certain ways.

Yesterday, was so horrible that we considered in sleeping her also. I was going to take her to the veterinarian but we didn´t do it.
I feel bad cause I see Brandy and I feel very angry, and the back-chat I participate in is "Why Cookie is dead and Brandy not", has to be equal" and I feel very guilty, and I am deciding for her as the way we have done with another dogs we have taken from the street to the veterinarian to sleep them, yesterday was Cookie. Who are we to make that decisions? I Breathe and I see can be a 'solution' for the best of my other dogs and cats but what is best for Brandy? I mean if she knows, - well I see like she knows what she did cause she seems worried everytime I see her. Also we told her what happened to Cookie and I know she understands - if she knows what she would say? We also have trained her and nothing changes the situation.

I also write in my blog this and I´ll continue doing so to assist me in this.

What would you do?
I will appreciate any perspective on what to do.

Thank you.

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Rebecca Dalmas
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Re: Suggestions in sleeping a dog

Postby Rebecca Dalmas » 01 Feb 2014, 20:36

I took care of a dog that was very aggressive, especially around food. She actually bit my dog's nose, and left a tooth hole. I had to really stay vigilant and watch her when the dogs were together. THis means constantly stopping the behavior of aggression coming up - a lot like within myself on other issues. lol And also, a LOT like being with a classroom of children!

My mother had a dog that grew more protective as the dog aged. It got so bad my mother eventually put the dog to sleep. What I know about this very protective dog was that it had a lot of heart conditions: an irregular heart that the vets said would limit the dog's life, which never happened.

At the time, with both dog's, seeing their behavior, one with health issues and the other not being fed properly ( she was gaining weight and is now considered " fat" for a dog) I wondered if their aggressiveness is partially due to an overall feeling of not being well?

The only success I had with the visiting aggressive dog was to stay vigilant. It got to the point where all I had to do was LOOK at her, and she would back down. If I turned my back she again made attempts. THis meant a few days of such redirection, and I did not have the opportunity to change the behavior. In the end it may not have worked, but I did manage to create a holding pattern with the dog. If I did not have that ability to influence the dog, and there may be some I could not, she would have had to go, because the aggression was damaging to the other dog.

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Re: Suggestions in sleeping a dog

Postby CerisePoolman » 01 Feb 2014, 21:54

I would say that if you are not able to change or stop the aggressive behaviour then it is safer to euthanize. I have also made such a choice before - it is not easy but we must consider all the beings we are responsible for - including people who come into our home. If the dog poses a danger and you are unable to stop the behaviour then it is better for all of the beings you are responsible for to put the dog to sleep to prevent anyone getting hurt.
I have seen it before that a dog in pain becomes more aggressive - so that is a possibility. But if she has always been this way and the vet has never found anything wrong then it is less likely that that is the cause.
You can try some training like what Cesar Milan does.

Good luck.

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Bastian Neumann
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Re: Suggestions in sleeping a dog

Postby Bastian Neumann » 01 Feb 2014, 23:45

Not easy to give my personal opinion on this, but I can empathise what you are describing, as I have been working with many different dogs for years now. Definetly there has to be a decision as soon as possible. I agree with Cerise concerning the Cesar Milan Training, there are heaps of videos online where he is dealing with aggressive dogs. When I first heard about him a year ago I was stunned by his approach, it is awesome because many of what he is doing I could observe by myself and I learned through his 'methods' why it was that many of mine actually worked. Try to get familiar with his approach if you haven't already. If it is not working in any way, I would suggest to take responsibility an make a decision that is best for all considering the alternatives or the consequences of continuing this situation. Breathe.

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Re: Suggestions in sleeping a dog

Postby JessicaArias » 02 Feb 2014, 03:55

thank you for your replies.

Yes, Brandy has been like this since she was younger - now she is 5 years old - she was uncontrollable and she has a lot of 'energy' - when she was a puppy she never rested she was always 'dancing' around. Now, due her age is less hyperactive.
Also, I admit I don´t take my dogs to walk everyday, so they are locked many hours, they don´t run as dogs should do, our house is smal and also I have a lot LOL, so some days I take the little ones and the other days are the big ones! I accept my responsability here due to keeping the dogs and not giving them in adoption when we could do it, bt Brandy has been an special case and the time passed and we decided to keep her.
With my other dogs is very different, I go out with them and they don´t get crazy when they see people around and they obey me when I talk/shout to them firmly. I "read" them very well, Brandy is a 'time bomb' hehe.

I have an eppisode one month ago where Brandy bite my neighbor´s dog and so I decided not to get her out of the house anymore. So yes, maybe she is indeed sad due to that and that´s why she is angry.

And, we have trained her two times, and the instructor told us how to order her many things but she gets crazy when people rings the door, and also when we touch the window, lol. She doesn´t hear us if she is attacking to protect us.

Definetly there has to be a decision as soon as possible.
Yes, we have to decide this for the best of the other creatures here. :(

uf many decisions within these days! I´ll let you know what we did, we are still talking my mom and me about this situation, also with the vet, she knows her and she also had suggested that also due to seeing my mom very worried.

I will keep you informed!
Thank you a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Suggestions in sleeping a dog

Postby Anna » 02 Feb 2014, 09:43

Yes taking dogs for daily walks is definitely important. I see something similar happening with my cats now that it is winter and they don't go outside. If I don't play at least two times a day with the male cat he will eventually attack the female cat or start gnawing on things in the apartment. So I make sure to play with them every day. I suggest to find a way to walk with the dogs every day Jessica. I realize that it might not be possible to walk all the dogs at once, so you could see if you could somehow schedule it to make sure that they all get exercise.

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Re: Suggestions in sleeping a dog

Postby tormod » 02 Feb 2014, 15:25

Cool tread, cool support.

Thanks for sharing!

I would deffinetly try to walk with the dogs everyday, it dont take that long time. Half and hour times two or something. And even if it takes an hour times two, it is still time spendt with the dogs, in quality time. And if it did not help the dog and there i no improvement in like 2 or 3 weeks, i would again consider listening to the vet.


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Re: Suggestions in sleeping a dog

Postby Garbrielle » 02 Feb 2014, 17:56

Yes, I agree with the point of the need for dogs especially to be taken out for exercise, there are local dog parks or just fields where I take my dog to run with tennis balls and a racquet, i do this for about 15 minutes at least once a day. If i don't take him within a few days, he is very energetic and barking at me. So I suggest to establish a routine with your dogs for exercise at least once a day and have them run and get there energy out, the best you are able to, and see if there is any change in behavior. Being couped up inside a enclosed place has had adverse effects on my dog, so it's something to consider for more exercise as this is something they definitely need, especially the bigger ones. Henri also has bitten people, so I have to be extremely vigilant on who he is near and really not allow people to get to close especially strangers because I don't know what the outcome is going to be. So I am more safe and cautious because I don't want anyone to get hurt. I see it as dogs have different senses then us humans and we are responsible for them as we have domesticated them, so they are wild in the sense that there instinct is from nature, from being wild way back when this was the case, and so caution and exercise I suggest before going to the point where you have to put your dog down. It's a tough decision, but if there is no change and he is a danger to others, then I would consider doing the euthanasia route as all other options have been exhausted. Thanks.

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Re: Suggestions in sleeping a dog

Postby JessicaArias » 03 Feb 2014, 02:58

Yes, I will do get them out more fluently and work on my feelings and emotions; I am fearful to get her out again.
But yes,I´ll apply your recomendations!!
Thank you !!
I really appreciate it and it has been a cool support for me.

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Re: Suggestions in sleeping a dog

Postby Kristina » 04 Feb 2014, 04:27

Cool topic and support. I was in a somewhat similar position with an aggressive dog living in the house, yet he was not 'my responsibility' - meaning that he was a dog of another girl that lived here. However, I often felt guilty for the lack of care and attention he got as well as never getting out on walks so I would push the point within myself, when it was possible, to play with him and take him for walks. I realized that the responsibility to actually work with a dog that is aggressive towards others takes quite the commitment and time. I also applied some of the walking techniques learned from Cesar Milan and saw a change quickly within him when walking - however again, it is a commitment point within oneself to take on that responsibility in supporting the dog to change and so there is that point of self change as well. So I would say Jessica, if you see in self honesty that you can give the time, attention and commitment in taking on the point of working with the dog to see if any change is possible, then go for it, yet realizing it will be a process of discipline. If that is simply not possible for you at the moment and the consequences are continuing, then best to consider alternative such as finding another home or someone that can work with her or putting her down. The point being here we must take responsibility for the life of the dog as well as others that might be affected by the dog and so make a decision that is best for all, investigate all things and consider all options. Let us know how it goes.

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