what up peeps mario here.

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Mario Rodriguez
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what up peeps mario here.

Post by Mario Rodriguez »

k im here to introduce myself well i herd many ways to do it ill start with my first video i seen wich was andreas story videos and the reason why i had a feelings a thoughts to look into stuff like this was because every since i was a little boy i knew god wasnt real and that i can see nothing happing to me or anyone in this world by praying so wen i was a kid i went throught alot my brother joseph stein was really the one who came across desteni.org in my family wich till this day i thank him soo much im trying to join desteni because i see why world is the way it is because of all of us in this world participating in all kinds of bullshit lies and to find the real ME i know what my journey to life is to take care of what cant take care of it self like the ego we must delete it from are self well thats what i think i have watch few bernard poolman videos lol alot of them and other ones from other destonians and i thank you all for the support it has helped me alot i never got to do what i wanted do wich is go to the desteni farm a shake the hand of bernard poolman and everyone in there i have really made a better person of myself when i learned about self forgiveness i know i can still make it to the farm and meet my other great destonians if it wasnt for desteni and my brother i would taken my life a long time ago because of how i was participating in the same pattern cycle with feelings and thoughts im still working on laziness yes i watched videos on it but me im very ignorend and just dont care because of years and years of people go around saying things like is too late or some beeing scared to leave theire religion because of what we were told what would happen if we did wich is going to hell and as a little boy i was really into finding the truth to it all and how it works well mario rodriguez here introducing myself you will see more from me ty all

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Re: what up peeps mario here.

Post by Anna »

Hi Mario. Welcome to the forum. Very cool intro!

Here on the forum you can have your own place to write and a place to do Self-Forgiveness. If you decide to start blogging with us in the 7 Year Journey to Life you can post your blog entries here. If you haven't been to the Eqafe website yet, please do so, there are many cool interviews for free there, it's a giant library with information which you can search through with the search button.

If there are any questions you want to ask on the forum, feel free, there is also a section where you can ask a Destonian about a specific topic/question.

And last but not least, please read through our guidelines for the use of this forum.

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Re: what up peeps mario here.

Post by Leila »

Hey Mario and welcome to the forum!

I look forward to reading more of your posts as you share yourself and your process.

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Re: what up peeps mario here.

Post by Carrie »

Hi Mario. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum.

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Re: what up peeps mario here.

Post by Marlen »

Hi Mario, cool you are here and thanks for sharing your introduction. One's life begins to open up in a whole new dimension when understanding where we've missed ourselves and our responsibility to life. So, as it's been shared, the best way to begin with is writing and learning the tools of self-support and so the DIP Lite course is the recommended way to walk the first steps to get comfortable with this process.

Looking forward to reading more from you

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Re: what up peeps mario here.

Post by tormod »

Hi Mario !

Welcome to the forum !

Enjoy the ride !

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Re: what up peeps mario here.

Post by Darryl »

Aloha, Mario. Welcome to the boards!

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Rebecca Dalmas
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Re: what up peeps mario here.

Post by Rebecca Dalmas »

Hi Mario,
Welcome to the forum. Look forward to reading more.

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Re: what up peeps mario here.

Post by sandymac »

Hey Mario
Welcome to the forum, cool introduction. Bernard's vlogs supported me as well when I first found Desteni. Finally, a voice full of common sense. I knew these words could be trusted like nothing else I had ever come across. There is much to learn, discover here. Enjoy your process and writing!

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