Introduction - Tim Gormley - Calgary, Canada

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Tim Gormley
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Introduction - Tim Gormley - Calgary, Canada

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My name is Tim. I'm 30 years old from Calgary, Canada, and within the last 4 or 5 months of studying and applying the Desteni material, it is safe to say that I am addicted to self-honesty and self-discovery :).

It has been an interesting ride so far to say the least. The self-realizations keep me searching for more, and as I peel away the layers of allowed and accepted definitions and beliefs, the limitations on what I can experience also peel away. Change for me has been marked by being able to stand up to face these limitations and definitions I have placed upon myself without fear, clearing a path for self-direction to help create a place that I want to live in. A place with equality and oneness, where the best interest of all life is looked out for. I don't fully understand whether or not I am currently doing what is best for all, but I have to trust myself, that in being dilligent with my process, I am working towards this without realizing it. As for equality and oneness, I am working on that as well. It's interesting, I imagine my existence and experience within myself being similiar to what a schizofrenic might experience within episodes they might have, where all of there experiences within their world such as sights, sounds, interactions with people, feelings and emotions are completely fabricated by the mind, and allowed and accepted as actual reality. To me, everything that I see and experience, is fabricated by the mind that I have allowed and accepted as me. So its fascinating to me that when I participate in the experience of interacting with someone else, I am interacting with myself. And so I learn about myself from others.

I will continue on with my process because the oppurtunity to self-realize, self-discover, release limitations and expand on experience is too valuable to pass up.



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Re: Introduction - Tim Gormley - Calgary, Canada

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Cool Tim - Thanks for Sharing and for being here.

Yes - I can relate to 'not knowing if I am doing what is Best for All", yet I have realized that this is a process of accumulation. So as I walk, I breathe, I write, I self forgive, and in moments I find myself realizing what is Best for All. Simply things, like not accepting others to exist in separation, demanding self honesty, seeing what would best support all participants, even if it's "hard to face/confront".

As we walk, we will see. Breath by breath.

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Re: Introduction - Tim Gormley - Calgary, Canada

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Hi and welcome

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Re: Introduction - Tim Gormley - Calgary, Canada

Post by Gian »

Hey Tim

awesome that you are here,

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Re: Introduction - Tim Gormley - Calgary, Canada

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Hi Tim - Awesome to see you here.

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Re: Introduction - Tim Gormley - Calgary, Canada

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hi here Tim!

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Re: Introduction - Tim Gormley - Calgary, Canada

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Welcome to the forum Tim - enjoy!

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Re: Introduction - Tim Gormley - Calgary, Canada

Post by Marlen »

Welcome here Tim

You're definitely at the right place to stop such schizophrenic existence we've all deluded ourselves into.

Thanks for sharing your intro

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