The Design of Alcohol

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Re: The Design of Alcohol

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Cool post, Tormod.

I agree that alcohol consumption should not be part of our society. From what I can see, it stays in place for three main reasons: free will, profit and control.

Free will because people feel they have the right and freedom to drink alcohol if that is what they want to do and they have the right and freedom to take the risks they put themselves and others in.

Profit, of course, because to ban alcohol would mean massive losses for those who have stakes in that industry.

Control - because if people go and drown their sorrows and intoxicate themselves as a way to 'deal' with the inequalities and injustices as a result of the current system - then from those in power, it is convenient, because they prefer a drunken population than a population that stands up for themselves.
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Re: The Design of Alcohol

Post by Michelle »

This is a great, supportive thread.

I also wrote a blog post on Alcohol and Why it's a Problem at Parties:
The Problem with Alcohol at PArties

I got invited to a party the other day and I was really looking forward to checking it out there. It was going to be my first party here in Vienna and I was going to meet many internationals also living in this city. I was also able to bring my partner with me which was cool.

When I got there I noticed that the party was basically held in a restaurant with many tables and chairs set up with a bar but no dance floor. So basically everyone there was simply talking and drinking alcohol, and that was it.

I see it as a shame that we as humanity allow ourselves to set up and participate in these parties where we all resort to drinking alcohol because that is how we see 'fun' but I don't see fun as that. I see fun at parties as being able to be oneself, express oneself with others, dance around, have interesting conversations with people without being influenced by alcohol, but we have over time programmed and conditioned ourselves throughout our history as humans in this world/society to connect alcohol to 'fitting in,' 'having fun' or 'partying' while we suppress our own expression within this substance. In fact we can feel paralyzed/fearful around others and unable to be ourselves at parties/gatherings, that is why we give into alcohol to either 'help' us in loosening ourselves up/being relaxed within who we are, or bring out a more rambunctious outgoing side that we normally suppress in our day to day living.

This is why I find education on how to be able to be ourselves/bring out our self-expression around others and at parties without the need for alcohol/external substance is important because then we are directive principles, being able to be okay with ourselves, decide who we are and how we want to be/live in our lives instead of allowing a substance to decide for us or influence who we should be, feel and do. In this regard, one can take the Desteni I Process 'Lite' course or go on the Desteni Forum to help one establish an awareness of becoming directive principle of your life.

I know me and my partner are a very rare couple compared to the many other couples and individuals in this world at parties because of our choice to not drink alcohol. We understand the impact and influence it has to not only our minds, but our bodies. If it is suggested or mandatory to order some drink at a party or dinner I order a non-alcohol drink like a fruit juice with soda water (it's quite delicious, give it a shot sometime).
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Re: The Design of Alcohol

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All I can say is, I love red wine. :D
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Re: The Design of Alcohol

Post by YoganBarrientos »

Just to speak on the topic of Alcohol.
I grew up not drinking alcohol because I was taught that it has harmful effects. There was also a fear of disappointing my mother, if I drank.

Within Desteni, there was a question, would you be willing to ban alcohol, if it assisted and supported those people specifically who have problems/addictions with alcohol?
So yes you would deny yourself and others that privilege, indulgence or enjoyment, to help others. Would you?
To me the answer is obvious, yes, because alcohol is just a substance. It is not real joy or enjoyment, which starts where? Myself. And it would help others.

Practically speaking, it may or may not be best. But on the level of principally speaking, it is important to know where one stands, with everyone? or with just yourself isolated?
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