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Funny there is no posts in addictions when many of us are addicted to things,

My current addiction is cigarettes,
Consequences low sex drive, headaches, possible health issue in future? Though I know systems would cause the health issue and not the tobacco. Possible loss of process progression. Feel free to comment on how one gets over cigarettes for good

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Re: Smoking

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There is and has been a lot shared about addictions, you missed the main sub-categories in this forum of 'addiction support'
Here are the sub-categories you can look at, and I'll be moving this post into one of those as well

Questions about Addictions

Blogs on Addiction

On cigarrettes: Cigarette addiction

A playlist, many videos have been deleted/moved but here are still some: Quitting Smoking with Desteni ... F91C3B0C5C

So it would be cool if after watching/reading through more, you can come back and share what you've seen or realized about it.

I haven't had such experience with cigarettes, however in any point of quitting, it is mostly about principles, deciding what you want to live every day and sticking to it, assertiveness in making a decision to quit. Others go through the route of not quitting 'cold turkey' but through a slow quitting process, which is also cool. Any process that you see leads to that outcome of quitting is supportive, you can share here how you are planning on doing it and possibly more can assist on sharing more practical solutions to it.

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