Earthonites - Living Lies

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Earthonites - Living Lies

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Image Earthonites - Living Lies

Brand new song by the Earthonites! Free!

Life is a lie anyone can Buy
Hell is a place where all can Fry
Mind is a place where all may Lie
Earth is a place to look for a Girl
Or a Guy
Nature is a place for fleas and flies
Status is a Matter of Pocket Size
Living is depending on a Sun that Rise
Leather is the dropping of the Body Disguise
Pain is what helps us Realize
That our eyes are big in Size
Sex is the way we penalize
Those that do not fit our Social Ties
Money gives us value with which we Buy
Our freedom to enjoy and Socialize
To not Hear or See the Starving Cries
God is the Secret to our Bias
As we each confess our God is Bigger in Size
When this all end in the bye and bye
And Death arrives as a moon that Rise
Will the Battle of Gods Subside
Once we cross the big Divide
Will there still be a side
Will it be the end of the Ride
Will there be a place to Hide
What will we say when we find
We were the ONE’s that LIED?

Song Arrangement - Matti Freeman
Vocals – Kelly Posey
Lyrics – Bernard Poolman
Production: Fidelis Spies
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Re: Earthonites - Living Lies

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this was beautiful, nice work guys
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