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eqafe products

Post by Raúl »

so I have been buying some of the talks of sunnette in eqafe, and I have the following questions

1- Why are there products that cost 1 euro and other that cost 7,99? I am following several series, and everytime I get to the point of having to pay from 1 euro to 8 for each interview, this for me looks like a dirty strategy, to get more money out of the people interested in discovering the truth, if it's not explain to me

2- The interviews I have bought, is it legal to gift them to other person? i mean, can i give the interviews i have bought to someone else in exchange for interviews he has bought? that would be really helpfull in my process, instead of paying alone 8 euros for each interview, so is it legal? and is it moral?

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Re: eqafe products

Post by CerisePoolman »

Hi there,

The Eqafe online stopre is one of 2 primary sources of income for the Desteni Farm (the other source is Desteni I Process Pro). Yes the first few recordings in each series are lower prices, so that people can see more easily and at less cost if the series will interest them - thereafter the prices go up to the standard price for that series. The pricing is the way it is so that we on the Desteni Farm can survive - we do not have day jobs that support us financially - Desteni and everything connected to Desteni is our life. So yes, you do pay for the products we create so that we can continue creating material based on the Desteni tools and principles. If we were able to create another source of income to take over what comes from Eqafe (and even DIP) then our pricing structure would be much lower, but as of yet we have not been able to create a new source of income strong enough to take over the costs of our living.

The interviews you pay for are products that technically you should not share or distribute to others. We ask that if one is able to purchase gifts for other people that they do so, as that also in turn provides financial support to those of us who have dedicated our lives to the Desteni message.

Thank you for your questions.

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