Living Words and Standing up from Self-Defeat October 4th 2017

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Living Words and Standing up from Self-Defeat October 4th 2017

Post by Anna »

Anna: Hi everyone. They are having a hectic storm on the farm and may not have internet for the chat tonight. So I'll be directing the chat tonight, on a point that Seth brought up. Will start in 6 minutes.
anna 8:59 PM
set the channel topic: Actually LIVING, and not just looking at/pondering about WORDS - inspired by Seth's "Peptalk" (See link in chat)
anna 9:01 PM
Please listen to the Seth recordings when you have a moment. This one is the one I am referring to where Seth is giving his "peptalk" lol ... ble-living
EQAFE - Self-perfection Interviews, Books & Music
Interview Request - Seth: Following and Sustainable Living
Seth continues from his previous interview and shares who he was as a being during the time of the White Light control, and how he was in many ways limited and programmed despite using mediumship to share his words. Seth concludes with a poignant observation about humanity and why we need less followers and more individual beings standing up and living their words, and how that is the key to... (338kB)
Even if you haven't yet listened to the recording, can still participate in the chat.
We'll start in 3 minutes.
miranda 9:04 PM
Hi all
valentin.rozman 9:04 PM
Hi all :slightly_smiling_face:
anna 9:04 PM
Hey everyone!
valentin.rozman 9:05 PM
Yes, I have listened to this recording :slightly_smiling_face:
anna 9:05 PM
Cool @valentin.rozman
Ok let's start.
yoganb 9:07 PM
I have seen I have been looking for Acceptance and gentleness from people. So I have started to live this with myself alone. I have been approaching this by looking at how much I want acceptance from others, and how that makes me feel. And then I speak the statement I accept myself, and I speak it in a gentle way. The test is whether I stand when I imagine others not accepting me or not being gentle, there I have to stand as living the word, like that's the point. Then I face such moments and people. It's an internal movement. Like fear they won't accept me. So that where I need to accept me and be gentle with me. So that in the face of people being harsh, including my own harsh thoughts, and rejection, and self-rejecting thoughts, I stand.
anna 9:08 PM
So, in the old recordings with Bernard and the dimensions, they'd often do these "peptalks" and call us out when we were being complacent and not pushing ourselves. I for one, often reacted and took i personal. Now, in this recording Seth does his own "peptalk" and I definitely found myself reacting, exactly going into a slight state of depression and giving up within me, exactly as he "predicted." Did anyone else have a similar experience? Or any other reaction come up when you listened to this?
Or what came up within you as you listened to the recording?
For those who listened
valentin.rozman 9:13 PM
It also made me think about creating a real sustainable living condition in form of buying/renting some land or joining a community with a land and to assist in practical physical activities like producing food and taking care for the animals. In this context I have also wondered if I should move to Desteni Farm or some land that is part of the Earth Nation or some community here in Slovenia. Or maybe to just wait to accumulate more fiat currency or for my altcurrencies to become exchangeable.
anna 9:14 PM
Interesting @valentin.rozman - though here I'd specifically like to keep the focus on SELF first as Seth also mentioned: YOU, your own earth - and how you cannot direct/change anything outside yourself, until you've directed yourself.
What I looked at later in the day was: "Hell no. I am not going to accept this of myself, because I can simply take Seth's words to heart and actually LISTEN to what he was saying and swallow the camels I need to swallow in terms of facing myself in what Seth was talking about and then MOVE myself to correction."
carrie 9:15 PM
Here from the park with the kids - reading to see where we're at
anna 9:16 PM
We are at the point where we are discussing the recent peptalk by Seth @carrie and any reactions that may have come up within it and then how to take that and rather be inspired to start living change - and living words.
I call it a peptalk lol because it reminds me of the old recordings by Bernard and the dimensions where the message may not always be super "fun" to hear - but where some necessary bubbles are bursted so that one can actually SEE oneself and from there make a decision to move and change.
carrie 9:17 PM
I saw the interview on Eqafe and haven't listened yet - found it interesting though as I was fascinated with the Seth material prior to Desteni
valentin.rozman 9:17 PM
Yes, that too @anna and in that context I wondered if I am taking good care of ‘my own earth’ = my physical body. I do take quite good care of it however I live now in the city and in a small room, working with computer a lot so my butt hurts often and I lack movement. I feel that if I would be work on especially own some land, I would have much better environment for also ‘my own earth’ to prosper.
anna 9:18 PM
Cool, then definitely suggest to have a listen @carrie - they are very cool, quite an awesome "flow" and expression the being comes through with
carrie 9:19 PM
The kids are pushing me onward to return home lol- be back in 10-15 mins if we're still discussing then
valentin.rozman 9:19 PM
Of course regardless of my environment I can always take better care for myself in terms of introspection, stopping my reaction and this takes only my decision and investment of time.
anna 9:20 PM
So what I'd like to look at from this point, which is the process I moved within in myself after listening to the recording - is the point of LIVING words that Seth also brought up, and how we so easily let the words slip and move into the background and then just pick a new word, without having ever substantiated the one we were working with. Can anyone relate to that?
valentin.rozman 9:22 PM
Can you explain more in different words/examples @anna?
tormod 9:23 PM
Yes i relate to that.... mind and mind fog takes over
anna 9:23 PM
I've experienced it for example with the word I was working with recently: CALM and where I had a very cool sound, as "calm me home." but I didn't integrate the word substantially within me, I sort of "floated" within me, kind of like doing that first step of merely "touching" the word was enough. But of course it isn't - because to live a word means to work with it, live with it, integrate it over time, as self. But how do we do that?
Yes exactly Tormod.
And I know we've discussed it before, but as Seth also mentioned, it continues to be a struggle and then people go: "But it is so difficult. I don't have time. I don't understand it." But really, how much time did you spend? 2 minutes? 2 seconds?
And then when someone points it out - and speaks the truth of what we're doing, what's the default mechanism? To go into depression and giving up.
Or become angry lol
the defenses goes up.
tormod 9:27 PM
Yes right
I think though - give up the giving up
valentin.rozman 9:28 PM
It takes time to live a new word, to change the pattern, to redirect ourself to new tracks.
tormod 9:28 PM
But it is a downer to be called out - no fun
Taking feedback is very difficult i find
anna 9:29 PM
So what can you do to not go down, but instead be inspired @tormod?
tormod 9:30 PM
Breathe, forgive the energy
Perhaps change the living word - change within so....
anna 9:30 PM
What can you do to take those words (which is really important support, or you wouldn't react - like Seth said: because you know it's true), to use it to raise yourself, grow?
tormod 9:31 PM
What words was that ?
anna 9:31 PM
Yes @valentin.rozman this is also what @sunettedimensions has been discussing in terms of not living one word a day but to actually do a deeper process with a word.
For me, what I did after listening to the Seth recordings was to go and listen to a SOUL recording and actually investigate if I've listened to all or them or not.
tormod 9:32 PM
I have lots of words in a day
I have like 3 or 4 words during a day, Maybe more in the background
anna 9:33 PM
Meaning: the words spoken by Seth that caused one to react @tormod
tormod 9:33 PM
Kay ... Yes
I dont how ever change words every new day
anna 9:34 PM
So how are you finding that in terms of the integration and substantiation of the words inside you @tormod?
tormod 9:35 PM
More the communication with my body is more clear
Specific and .. new
Organized even !
anna 9:37 PM
What I've started doing is to work with a practical anchoring through the sounding/definition, like CALM as the sound of "call me home" is something I've been able to apply practically in moments where I needed to calm myself.
Like it helps to have specific applications/situations I find, in terms of the word integration process - can't be too abstract/general
Very cool @tormod
tormod 9:38 PM
Being around others and relating to others makes me more diligent with words
anna 9:38 PM
How so @tormod?
tormod 9:39 PM
Cause some people can be .... more «difficult» and need for me to slow down and simply for me to embrace
carrie 9:40 PM
Definitely agree @anna that to integrate the words, the words have to be lived. The resistance I have had with this process is not so much living the words that I have already defined for myself and more sitting myself down and redefining as you said - the excuse of not having time
tormod 9:40 PM
Live the word embrace to a person - unconditionally
anna 9:41 PM
Very cool
carrie 9:42 PM
The living words are incredibly supportive though - for me, it's been integral for change and my self-relationship. Funny thing is that I am very aware of this - seen it for myself and how I have grown - and yet, I do not make time to do it. That is my resistance point - the usual that comes up for me in my process
tormod 9:43 PM
Agree @carrie it is very supportive once starting to figure it out
anna 9:43 PM
At the moment I am working with the word RELAX and here I've found that I need to work with both relaxing the body but also with being relaxed about things, so these are two dimensions I work with, so it is becoming VERY practical - whereas before I was more "fancy" with the words lol, more intellectual and more focused on the redefining process, whereas now, I'm more focused on the living process
tormod 9:43 PM
A new process opens up / new me
anna 9:43 PM
Oh interesting @carrie - then you'll definitely benefit from the Seth recordings
He also talks about that point of not having time lol
carrie 9:44 PM
Exactly @tormod - new me/new process
Will listen tonight. Thanks @anna :)
anna 9:45 PM
So: let's hack how we can spend time during the day working with the words we're busy redefining/living? What are some creative words we can CARRIE the words with us throughout the day lol?
carrie 9:45 PM
anna 9:45 PM
*creative ways lol
Post-it notes - a classic
Every time you drink a class of water, I can practice living the word RELAX
carrie 9:46 PM
I have letters on my fridge - the magnetic kind - spell out the words that I am in the process of living
tormod 9:46 PM
Pen and paper Yes... or just listen to oneness body
anna 9:46 PM
*Every time I drink a class of water
Yes but the thing is @tormod - "just listen to one's body" easily becomes too abstract, especially if isn't something one hasn't yet integrated
carrie 9:47 PM
Also have a poster for words that are supportive for my self-relationship with the the new definition and the way to live the definition written on them
anna 9:47 PM
So HOW do you listen to the body, WHEN - what is the time investment?
tormod 9:47 PM
I look into my body all day... from morning to night
anna 9:47 PM
How can we utilize time more effectively - even in the context of "not having time" to actually focus on integrating and living words?
carrie 9:48 PM
I like that 'every time I do this, I will practice this word' with simple tasks throughout the day - awesome hack @anna
tormod 9:48 PM
Try to read it. It is like words
anna 9:48 PM
How do you do that @tormod? What is the practical application so that others may learn from your example?
tormod 9:48 PM
I touch my body and feel its words - like on my belly
carrie 9:49 PM
Interesting @tormod
tormod 9:49 PM
Like Those toys that squak when You squeze them
anna 9:49 PM
Very cool @tormod - that's a great hack!
I see that I touch my body lots of times during the day, in a subconscious or unconscious way, so might as well do it directively - to connect with myself/the body
yoganb 9:50 PM
How: to live words: for example: gentle: I move gently: I speak gently:: I am gentle to myself: I am gentle with myself: I hold myself gently: I become gently within me: I move into the direction of gentleness. I can see it internally, and within how I move, I can feel it in my muscles. I can sense it as who I am, in the body.
tormod 9:50 PM
Thinking construct are to become seing .... i think that is my catch ...
anna 9:50 PM
Cool @tormod - so maybe the word SEE/SEEING could be relevant to work with
tormod 9:51 PM
Yes cool sea ... Seak ..... Thanks
carrie 9:51 PM
Cool @yoganb - have also found it supportive to add 'when/if' statements to my definitions
Like, when I am experiencing myself as hard or being hard on myself and looking externally to become gentle, this is how I give it to myself
anna 9:53 PM
Cool guys
What are more ways we can utilize time in a creative way to ensure we integrate the words we are working on?
carrie 9:54 PM
Seeing as per your example @anna that I can integrate them into my daily tasks
Or as I move from one thing to another
anna 9:55 PM
How do you practically hack living words so that it becomes a natural part of our day, as a creation process
carrie 9:56 PM
So, first to identify moments that I can utilize
anna 9:56 PM
I link the word to a situation and can then expand from there
carrie 9:56 PM
Look at when redefining how I can integrate daily
anna 9:57 PM
Like relax in the body, practice that in the evening before going to bed, in the car
carrie 9:57 PM
Lax - again, and again and again haha
anna 9:58 PM
It could also be cool to bring up words here and everyone giving practical ways to live a word, more expansions
yoganb 9:58 PM
I look at what I need in this moment. Like I saw how I was looking for people in my life to provide me with words, like acceptance and gentleness. This need, was limiting me. So I gave it to myself alone. So kind of always asking, what do I need in this moment? What do I want? And stopping the search outside, and instead bringing it inside here.
anna 9:59 PM
Like we really need to amp it up on this one, do an internal campaign to promo living words
Very cool @yoganb
joanajesus 10:02 PM
Nice chat guys! Came a bit later. @yoganb very cool tip to ask what I need and bring the point back to self. For example, at work I might think I need a break or I need to slow down, and in those moments I do something about it: I get up t o get water or to stretch my legs. By default I would probably blame something else such as workload or challenges for not "giving" me that which I need in that moment.
anna 10:03 PM
Ok guys we are on time. Thank you for being here and contributing - I've done over half this chat from the darkness of our bedroom while breastfeeding a sleeping baby, on the tiny keyboard of my phone lol - there's no excuse.
joanajesus 10:04 PM
sweet Anna!
anna 10:04 PM
Hey @joanajesus thanks for dropping in!
carrie 10:04 PM
Thanks everyone :)
valentin.rozman 10:04 PM
Thanks all and bye :slightly_smiling_face:
joanajesus 10:04 PM
thanks for guiding the chat @anna
carrie 10:04 PM
Real cool hacks here today
anna 10:05 PM
Thanks guys - really enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me have the floor for this one. And do listen to Seth!
carrie 10:05 PM

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