In Money But Not of Money - The Soul of Money

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In Money But Not of Money - The Soul of Money

Postby Dilan » 29 Aug 2017, 00:51

In Money But Not of Money - The Soul of Money

Awesome points discussed in this recording. I can so clearly see how, for example, my hobbies would mostly be driven by money and how to make money from them. Were, like it was mentioned I'd start a new hobby or project with excitement and really enjoy myself in it and look forward to the next time I can spend some time working on it where there was this one new hobby I started at the beginning of this year and I literally started waking up much earlier than usual because I looked so much forward to work on it and develop my skills for it. Then a month later, thoughts started to creep up in me of:

'But, how am I supposed to make any money out of this?',
'This is in no way going to make any money or if any then barely what I want or need',
'There is no point to continue this or work as much on it anymore. It's a waste of time because it can't create money or enough money. I should rather focus myself on the work that does produce a lot of money'.

And then I started dreading the new hobby which I once loved. I unconsciously/subconsciously started postponing and procrastinating. And all of that because of this point of Money which is talked about here.

Thanks a ton for the recording!!

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Re: In Money But Not of Money - The Soul of Money

Postby Anna » 21 Oct 2017, 17:51

Great to hear Dilan!

You know that there's a comment function on where you can place feedback on the recordings? It's a great way to let others know about the recordings.

Thanks for sharing!

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