Senior Hour

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Senior Hour

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I first noticed the following phenomenon on a Facebook post, where a local was pleading with people to share a message that stores, out of consideration for seniors susceptibility to coronovirus, ought to have an hour a day specifically where they can come and shop, unbothered by the panic buyers and normal hustle and bustle of regular hours. Soon afterwards, I began seeing news stories of businesses voluntarily instituting such hours.

Costco adds twice-weekly senior hour, beginning this week, to help meet coronavirus shopping demands

Such a common sense regulation amidst a difficult time just goes to show the economy can be geared towards nurturing and supporting people before profits, and that in fact instituting such measures before a crisis occurs is actually smarter and better for everyone involved. Just imagine if what is best for all is the starting point of how businesses are designed and operated. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the profit motive is in any position to overcome being considerate of one another within our 'economy' and business practices. Nonetheless, it's uplifiting to see good news stories like these that prove at least in principle, that being kind is a possibility in our world.
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Re: Senior Hour

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Yes, perhaps when we are all taken out of our 'normal routines' we suddenly are able to look at reality again and 'see more of what is going on' and 'what is best for all'.
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