Defining Desteni and Process Location - Then and Now

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Defining Desteni and Process Location - Then and Now

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The following are summaries of four public chats that were held on

They make important notes on what we have walked so far and what we are currently walking. A reminder on what we're here to do (and what not!) and to support with re-centering and re-establishing your personal location point in process - and cut out any noise that may have crept in over time.

The Portal: Defining Desteni and Walking Together – as well as individually, being a Destonian – what does this mean in the times of today?
June 7, 2019

First and foremost: Desteni was initiated with Bernard’s lifepath and the Portal – with all the beings in existence, to bring through the understanding of the Mind/Consciousness, your Beingness and the Physical Body. To support human beings to understand WHY AM I who/how/what I am, together with REALising the BEINGNESS POTENTIAL that exists within you and how to BRING YOUR BEINGNESS LIVING into matter / the physical, within the principle of LIFE rather than CONSCIOUSNESS that we’ve been existing as on this earth; which brought us as humanity where we are today: consequence.

So, IMPORTANT TO HEAR here, is: it’s about YOUR OWN PERSONAL PROCESS in those whose lives are DIRECTLY a part of yours in the physical. Walking all the layers of the mind, utilising your personal time and space in your world to reflect, introspect and change in thought, word and deed. Then SHARING this in writings, vlogs etc. – to SUPPORT OTHERS in the sense of “this is what I WAS as the MIND in this personality / system / thought construct / emotion and the consequence it created in my life and the people around me, THEN with CHANGING the mind habits into LIVING WORDS, for example – this is how I changed and how it directly started changing my world around me”

People ‘out there’ in the online communities have their own lives, relationships, families and world and need support to live and deal with everyday life, mostly THEMSELVES, their OWN MINDS in their REAL WORLDS

So, DESTENI – first and foremost is about self responsibility and self change, gifting you, through the Portal and YEARS of walking a merging of existential process and Bernard’s life and MANY OTHERS BEFORE HIM – gifting you the KNOWLEDGE to APPLY for SELF in your own life and sharing that to support others.

Here we come to the term DESTONIAN

Sharing with people THROUGH YOUR OWN STORY in your own real life, the difference and change from consciousness to awareness. Simple everyday life moments of realisations in your own life, goes a long way to help many others dealing with similar issues.
WALKING TOGETHER, us all here - is us all as INDIVIDUALS, FOCUSING ON OURSELVES and OUR OWN LIVES SHARING our personal processes, cross-referencing, opening up interesting points etc.

So, careful to not go into making process, Desteni, Destonian, “group” a mental projection where you shift focus more on what you perceive as right / wrong or should or should not be done in others’ lives you are not directly a part of at all, nor spend time with them or actually know them. It’s a personality that can emerge, where you exalt yourself to a saviour complex when it comes to what you perceive / believe is going on in their lives based on a moment’s glimpse into it and in this, can then go into a shift where you want to CONTROL a group / people’s lives based on ideals and opinions that may not yet have been practiced in your own life. If anything, we have only seen people want to interject into other people’s lives if they hadn’t yet walked the principles in their own life.
We understand all may at times be part of another person’s life and see / experience things you may not agree with, BUT – careful - for projecting this process as an OPINION / IDEAL unto another with not at all knowing in detail where their LOCATION point is at – as Marduk explained in the Reptilian series.

We have some people who come and go in process some return after some years and still impose the PAST into the PRESENT, when much has changed as we shared in EQAFE as well with the process becoming more PHYSICAL.

The dimensions shared in EQAFE how, for many years, they walked the CONSCIOUSNESS MATRIX through the Portal to support people with the MIND PROCESS we are now in the PHYSICAL PROCESS focusing on bringing the BEING into PRACTICAL LIVING in every day life.
So, really SPECIFYING the nature of process and the FOCUS on self, the mind, beingness and WHO YOU ARE in every day life
So, people will start experiencing less mental issues / problems, you will find that you experience more pains, life events, moments with people, situations – physical real time moments that supports you to introspect, investigate and change

Bernard walked the GROUP dimension – to create an initial connection / CORE between individuals, we are still a group – yes, but also clarifying to not mentally create an IDEA of a group, but to define it as us as INDIVIDUALS WALKING TOGETHER in support of OURSELVES and so one another.

All, the moment you use Bernard as a reference – you’ve missed the point of this process
It’s about what he stood for – the PRINCIPLE of supporting the BEING to self realise, it’s the first thing he supported us to do in the dimensions.

We walked ALONE first and then TOGETHER, but still walk alone – self focus.

To understand when Bernard was here, he AT THE TIME saw POTENTIAL for WORLD CHANGE that was in HIS TIMELINE way back then. And we gave it a go but realised, we have to wait, cause for the system to change, PEOPLE MUST CHANGE FIRST and that’s in the context of your own personal self and life - same happened in heaven lol. Bernard in the beginning thought, hey – let’s start directing all of heaven to best for all and support here on earth, realised, whooooaaaahhhhhhh – before we can do that, we gotta support the INDIVIDUAL BEINGS. So, the moment our individual processes started, the entire heaven existence naturally changed.

We do see a future for the world system change, BUT at this TIMELINE point there is TOO MUCH MANIFESTED CONSEQUENCE THAT NEEDS TO PLAY OUT IN THE WORLD FIRST which we didn’t realise to what extent and the TIME it would took for that consequence to play out. But the moment Bernard realised and saw it, we refocused it all on self / individuals

We checked the timelines in existence at the moment, the world’s manifested consequence needs to play out for a few years. This gives us TIME to focus on OURSELVES.

Really, as we shared above all, and please hear this: it’s about YOU, your inner and outer reality and SHARING REALISATIONS for others in blogs / vlogs – this is how you support others

The moment you try and CONTROL any other person’s life you’re not even a part of…you’re shifting focus and pushing blame
We’d also go so far as saying that:
this TIME we have in the TIMELINE of the world’s manifested consequence still playing out is because we haven’t been ready to truly conceptualize nor manifest real world. It’s the same as THINKING you can change AND FEELING you can be a better person but when it comes to actually DOING it man…it’s a WHOLE OTHER STORY.

Same with WORLD CHANGE, yes we have the CONCEPT, but…materializing it at this stage / point in the time of manifested consequence playing out in existence, the doors for that isn’t opening yet. It will come in the future, but we have to WAIT. In this time of WAITING we prepare ourselves. We’re preparing ourselves to possibly in this lifetime or the next be ambassadors for world change in a REAL informed way or we’ll PAVE THE PATH for generations to come to do so.

But for now, SELF FIRST, IN YOUR OWN REAL WORLD, with real people in your life.

I mean, if we cannot in our PERSONAL LIVES with REAL PEOPLE in our lives in OUR OWN REAL SMALL WORLDS direct points on all levels and be clear – even accepting and allowing the slightest of consciousness…we cannot as of yet look to global change and taking responsibility on that scale.

So, we have to deal with our MIND WORLDS within our REAL LIVES first.

While this is happening, us all in existence, all the beings in existence is supporting the beingness. So, goodness – who knows, world change may happen in the most UNEXPECTED of ways . We may even have an IDEA now of how it’s gonna happen, but we forget…we’re in the hands of LIFE.

Sometimes you THINK change is going to happen a certain way lol then SURPRISE!!! It happens in the most unexpected, unimaginable ways ever conceived by consciousness.

Sometimes you may be seeing what’s best for you at a certain point in time, but – may not honestly know what is best for another in their life path so, then your mind will try and impose and control. Meanwhile, their life path may seem ‘wrong, but they’re exactly where they are supposed to be for their future

Oh! Leaving a note here for us for next time – we tend to forget that we’re in the hands of LIFE and want to CONTROL the lives of others / even the world based on what we in the MIND THINK IS BEST, forgetting we’re THINKING what’s BEST within the context if consciousness and not life as equality and oneness.

Desteni and Self, the World – together with the Role of Forgiveness and Commitment Statements

June 13, 2019

Good moment all, let’s continue and begin for this chat’s topic. We’ll in every chat define and walk through the dimensions, principles and living application of self in relation to and with Desteni – who and what is Desteni and self within it” is essentially what we’re walking in this chat, the previous chat and chats to come.

So, there may have been misconceptions about last week’s chat we’d like to clarify in relation to “changing the world”.

To make it clear:
We by no means said DO NOT AT ALL attempt / try to change the world – as MyKey expressed in his recording about YOUR REACH in EQAFE: some people have the means, resources, time, location etc as their REACH to have an direct impact in and on this world such as the movements, organisations or channelling their skills / talents through a medium such as comedy / dancing / music etc
Other people have a greater impact in individuals in their DIRECT REACH / life experience. We each have a different role / purpose to play, no matter how big or small it may seem.

Your KEY is to develop yourSELF and so your METHOD / MEDIUM you can use to make an impact on many / few people’s life. Don’t compare yourSELF or PROCESS or LOCATION point to that of anyone else – you have to figure out you and how / if you want to use what you can do / excel in to have an impact on the lives of others in some way or another.

This is changing self / the world within your means – day by day - and everyone on some level or another is walking and fulfilling this path in their OWN WAY. There is MASSIVE amount of change taking place in this world in MANY DIFFERENT WAYS, DIMENSIONS through people, it’s incredible.

So, we just EMPHASIZED that, careful to not go into the ‘god complex’ of I KNOW HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD AND HOW IT MUST BE CHANGED – cause you have no awareness on a GLOBAL LEVEL of all of LIFE’S dimensions FOCUS where you are in control and can make a DIRECT IMPACT, which is self first and the world around you and from HERE, EXPAND and see how you can CHANNEL so to speak your SELF/TALENTS/SKILLS/ABILITIES to reach out to others, whether in your family, community, through establishing an organisation etc.
Be a part of that which you feel aligned with that can have an impact for the better on the lives of others whether it be social, political, through writing, dancing, comedy, creating a brand / company – but it should express your utmost potential to be an motivation for others.

Look at George Carlin and now Wanda Sykes for example, listening to them – they made / make people think, question, look at things differently…this INITIATES change in people.

If anything, we need to see how we can INITIATE change with our OWN gifts, talents, skills, abilities, what we’re interested in / passionate about etc

Again, using us all in existence as an example, all of us beings – we’re INDIVIDUALS fulfilling OUR OWN potentials and in that we’re all LOCATED in different purposes and activities in existence and through that, we UNITE AS ONE AS EQUAL.
As we said, there are so many different AVENUES of self and world change EXISTING ALREADY in this world, some people’s process location point will be to be a part of Desteni, others other groups / organisations / movements – each have a DIFFERENT PATH this lifetime, but we have also through Sunette met an incredible amount of people in this world who through their pure life experience, reached a point of contentment, fulfillment, wisdom, value, worth, support and love and the impacts they have on everyday life people is extraordinary to observe.

So, another point we’d like to mention here everyone - If anything we discussed in chat is unclear afterwards or you find reactions / disagreements- do ask here and let’s discuss it, because we sometimes notice that Forgiveness and commitment statements being used / abused to subtly SAY SOMETHING TO SOMEONE ELSE or make a point, like in a spiteful way, essentially not really FORGIVING SELF or committing SELF TO CHANGE through the commitment statements being applied into practice there is an underlying tone directed to something or someone else with blame / projection / disagreement / anger / resentment. We have tended to find this happen with individuals reacting to a post and not introspecting the reactions and ASKING but instead VENT using the tools that are gifts for self change.

So, also a dimension to consider with self forgiveness and commitment statements all:

This is an important point all, we can clearly see – it’s obvious as day when forgiveness is abused, cannot hide the mind it comes through in words as the light of day.

Anyone who continues abusing it, this is where we also draw the line because plainly speaking, this is not cool. It’s deliberately abusing the main tools of a process that was also walked in existence and we know it works, we’re the proof it works if used within the principle of self honesty, best for self.

What we meant by the WORLD IS STILL LIVING OUT MANIFESTED CONSEQUENCE FROM GENERATIONS PAST, is that we’re not going to change THE ENTIRE WORLD ONE GO, it happens day by day, PIECE BY PIECE as VARIOUS PUZZLE PIECES come together in MANY DIFFERENT WAYS So, you put yourself out there and do what you can – socially, family, community, country, politically find a PIECE your PIECE where you can anchor yourself and affect change

So, basically – many of us have proven how this process works and how it changed self and your life and people in it in so many ways; so if individuals use / abuse what we do and how we do it then it’s not your point to be here. There is no point being a part of individuals lives and what they do and how if you’re just here to react / fight / opinionate / resent / prove ppl wrong etc.

So, the TOGETHER point here with Desteni is how we are AS INDIVIDUALS UNITED in the tools / principles to support self change and others as well together with the PRINCIPLE of establishing/living our potential and purpose to have an affect on the lives of ourselves and those around us to initiate change for self / others or even a greater scale.

So, the TOGETHER we see more as us SHARING our personal ups and downs and supporting one another to remain in alignment with that which supports our utmost potential / best

Sometimes people have projects they work on and will materialize in time, but have an impact on the lives of others

Portal: Bernard, the Portal and Desteni
June 14, 2019

Alrighty, so another relevant dimension within this process timeline to discuss is THEN and NOW before and after Bernard passed and the continuation of the process within it all.

When Bernard was alive, for those who knew him very well throughout the years consistently and one-on-one interactions – knows he often mentioned that there was much he had to do and push, yet didn’t have much time.

So, Bernard PUSHED in ways and means of being direct to the point, strict within certain aspects of self and life to do everything he could to move as many individuals as fast as possible through the process of the mind to self and living, to so become PILLARS for many more in years to come.

PILLARS in their OWN WAY within the principle of life in their OWN WAY/METHOD meaning: each one of us Destonians throughout the years, even now, have our own unique gifts, skills, talents, abilities, paths etc. – but we’ve come to SPECIALIZE and MATURE within them and ourselves to utilise who and what we are for the best of self and so MANY OTHERS.

The MISS-TAKE / misconception that exists in many individuals today related to Bernard is that they EXPECT us, as unique individuals, to have BECOME / COPIED Bernard’s way of being and doing things essentially creating an entity around HIM as an individual, not realizing WHAT HE STOOD FOR AND WHY AND HOW and how HIS LIFE gave way for others to birth life within themselves, so that LIFE CAN EXPRESS UNIQUELY through us pillars to assist and align with people in this world whose timeline / LOCATION POINT is specific to self and what you can do and give and how.

The Portal has been CONSTANT since Bernard, yet we also matured / grew / learned since then – if you listen to the FUTURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS series in EQAFE it’s explained there how us beings in existence started focusing EQAFE primarily on the MIND PROCESS, just before Bernard passed we started the being-physical process – focusing our processes of equality and oneness on a detailed being-physical level and are still continuing to do so which is also moving process to more PRACTICAL LIVING SELF CREATION AND CHANGE, which you’ll notice come through in the recordings to come in EQAFE but within it all, we’re still constant and consistent within the CORE STAND as the PRINCIPLE of equality and oneness as what’s best for all as life.

So, remember, Desteni is about the LIVING PRINCIPLES – careful to not PROJECT the way Bernard walked himself and his path onto the present that was his process and he did fulfill what he came here to do: Prepare the PILLARS of the future.

Sunette here for a moment:
the way I listen to Bernard, from the beginning up until now when I back to his recordings, is to close my eyes / while listening, focus on the WORDS he’s speaking and check WHO I AM within what is being said – then focus on the realisations, reactions etc to work on and through It really supported with ensuring I take from him, with me, the gift that he imparted in his words – no matter how intense it may sometimes sound LOL

His entire LIFE EXPERIENCE wisdom, so to speak, is imparted in his WORDS. Really HEAR them and look into self. Same with the EQAFE recordings, it’s shared from direct, real experiences / life wisdom of beings not mere knowledge and information being channeled.
This is something we can also learn from, to align ourselves and our lives in such a way where we see what we LEARN and REALISE in this process of change and share with people out there / SHOW them the struggles you went through, the impact self change in a way had on you and how it’s affecting the world around you.

Also! The Portal and I videos on EQAFE walk a cool timeline reference of then and now – sharing more about how us beings ‘process PROGRESSED throughout the years before and after Bernard.

Many tend to forget he was also an individual, walking a specific purpose / gift, with a specific LOCATION POINT, life path and timeline unique to him and his relationship with existence.

So does each one. Our role within this all is supporting everyone to reach your being-awareness and how to embody / live that in the physical

This is Sunette, a personal sharing related to also me thinking at a stage I had to be like him. This was still when he was alive I subconsciously tried to COPY his manner / way of speaking / sounding and aligning with beings lol then…he sat down with me one day looked me STRAIGHT in the eyes…DIRECTLY into me as he did so well and said: “It’s not about being ME, you cannot be ME, the ME I am is already being lived lol It is now time for YOUR ME to take lead in the way and manner YOUR ME continues this process”
But it’s also about standing as PILLARS TOGETHER and through that, always supporting one another throughout this life because we cannot do it alone.

Many also tend to make the miss-take of thinking I AM GOING TO DO IT ALONE, MY WAY and manipulate the principles / process and information based on the past – this is why it is relevant to always be here, together, we assist and support one another to remain aligned stable and standing.

We check in with one another so to speak and so with ourselves.

Bernard always cross-referenced the Portal MANY TIMES A DAY, Sunette to this day cross-references and checks with her reference support points Bernard left for her.

So we’re always checking in and remaining aligned he did it for himself as well in his process utilising the Portal, Sunette, existence and so many other points to check in with himself and ensure everything’s aligned.

That’s why it’s so easy for us to see when people are misaligned with the process and principles and everything / everyone within it even though they’d want to fight to be right….sigh so is the way of consciousness.

The Portal: Discussing the LOCATION POINT OF PROCESS
June 19, 2019

The Portal: Discussing the LOCATION POINT OF PROCESS how to combine everything that’s been walked since the opening of the Portal into the PRESENT as self for the future of self, others and the world

So, in a nutshell – before Bernard passed away, all the beings in existence and the physical on a multi-dimensional level primarily focused on walking the MIND – from the beginning of existence to the present at the time, while simultaneously starting / initiating the process of merging with this physical existence equal and one for all and everything to be HERE in as and with the PHYSICAL. This is why, many of the recordings were focused on CONSCIOUSNESS – dissecting it, understanding it, giving perspectives and solutions with regards to how to DIRECT it and WORK WITH IT instead of you with the mind working against one another.

SIMULTANEOUSLY this PHASE of process – walking through CONSCIOUSNESS, FOCUSED on bringing through and developing your BEING AWARENESS. The part of you inside yourself that began to REALise “Hey! I have CHOICE – I have the awareness and ability to change, direct, expand, evolve who I am in thought, word and deed”.

In this, we can refer to the first phase as the process of walking through CONSCIOUSNESS while “awakening your BEING”. Us all in existence walked this phase and process equal and one with and as you, so the recordings in EQAFE – as we always said – is based on our and your and all the rest of existences’ real processes and experiences, it is not just mere channelled knowledge and information, but based on real experiences.

Just before Bernard passed, we started walking our BEING-PHYSICAL process.

And since then, we focused on the detailed, meticulous and specific process of merging equal and one with the physical – so each being in existence has their specific LOCATION point in a physical part / particle in existence where we’re settled and nestled into to rebirth ourselves in, with and as the physical.

The past 6 years, since Bernard – this has been our primary focus – SELF CREATION in the physical.

Therefore, EQAFE over the past 6 years and years to come will now FOCUS on this PHYSICAL SELF CREATION process that we have walked thus far and you will be walking in more detail

We’re now in the PHYSICAL PHASE of process, where everything you walked before – is now to be LIVED and PUT INTO PRACTISE in REAL TIME LIVING.

Yes, you will still have mind layers to walk through, BUT at the same time – your FOCUS will be on self creation, expression and living of your BEING, your BEST in the physical in thought word and deed – learning how to WORK WITH your mind, use it as a TOOL to support your BEING BODY AND LIVING.

Every now and then we’ll still bring through consciousness systems we see needs attention, understanding and direction – but you’ll be hearing more about being-physical creation and living.

So, the principles of Self Forgiveness, Writing, Self Honesty – the BASICS still remain – yet, we’re going to align these applications into REAL TIME LIVING, how to UTILISE the tools in REAL LIFE MOMENTS so to speak to quantify your self change in the physical.
Before we continue explaining how the rest of existence, the physical is also walking this process. For a LONG TIME, we primarily focused on our INTERNAL REALITY changes – now we’re going to expand the focus to INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL change.

We’ve all effectively gotten to know and proven to ourselves we have the BASICS of how to direct ourselves in and with our minds, now what does it mean for the BEING to CREATE and LIVE in the PHYSICAL and ACTIVELY focus on this.

Even the physical, for example the environment with pollution / chemicals are walking a similar process – just as you deal with your thoughts and emotions / mind pollution so to speak while strengthening your core as a being and getting to know what you’re capable of – so is all the little parts and particles in the atmosphere, as they are busy interacting and merging with the pollution/chemicals, they are evolving to be able to strengthen their ability to purify themselves and so starting to develop their capacity to quantify real time change to deal with manifested consequence of air pollution while forgiving themselves for accepting and allowing themselves to exist in a such a polluted state throughout generations.

So, we are literally all walking a real time mind being physical self-change and creation process.

We have to start pushing the point of changing in REAL TIME, in the moment, from a reaction to a LIVING WORD for example, so EQAFE will be focusing on the detailed MECHANICS of how to do this and make this shift possible inside yourself – really WILLING yourself to CHANGE AS THE MOMENT HAPPENS, rather than waiting too long and staying in a loop of PROCESSING a point in your MIND – you now WEAVE your change into the physical as and when you catch yourself in a mind state.

A practical example of what we’re sharing above:
we recently sat down with an individual who has been walking a point inside themselves for years, writing, forgiveness, investigation, discussions and here and there real time change attempts – the point was in relation to a self judgment regarding a behaviour / memory and also a physical point in relation to what they look like.

So, we showed them methods where they had to start making the DECISION in REAL TIME when the memory / physical self reaction comes up – taught them some techniques to now, once and for all, MOVE themselves within to change and transform their PRESENCE and FOCUS from the MIND to a BEINGNESS EXPRESSION

This is the type of material that will become available in EQAFE – techniques, methods, applications you can use to in a moment REFOCUS yourSELF / BEING from the mind possession to a SELF EXPRESSION

Because you have for long enough worked on the point INSIDE YOURSELF, time is RIPE to bring and practise the ACTUAL CHANGE OF YOU in the physical in real time. The MIND is like a VEIL preventing your BEING from accessing the physical, so as you walk through the mind and start practising living your change in the physical, you slowly but surely drop the consciousness wall and change becomes easier in real time moments.

So, we know we have mentioned a lot of the above regarding real time change, living words, changing your self from a mind possession to a living presence in the moment, however – we still noticed there is too much time and focus only going into the INTERNAL PROCESSING of points and not equally enough in the external real time change in opportune moments as you go about your daily life.
So we’re going to support with more detailed techniques, methods, applications – get more TECHNICAL so to speak, with living this TRANSITION in real time from the mind to beingness expression.

So that we can truly move this process forward and bring change through in the physical and what that practically means.
EQAFE is filled with more than enough information regarding consciousness we’d say lol – but alas, there is still more that will come.
Now, time for EQAFE to be filled with SELF CREATION and what equal and one livign with self, the body means in every day life.
Yes, so this will also start developing more of an awareness within you to see opportune moments and not miss them.

So, overall – we’re going to be focusing on BEINGNESS creation and living, AWARENESS of self and living, Beingness creation, expression and living is a whole new world to discover.

We’re looking forward to walking this with you all.

So, remember – whenever you see videos before 2013 – This was our and your process through CONSCIOUSNESS – now we’re into the PHYSICAL phase.

In the beginning when the Portal opened and we did all the videos 2005-2007 – first time us as existence had pure real access into physical existence and our VOICES our BEINGS could be heard, so the videos then was also more our process, getting to voice ourselves, getting to know who we are, our mind processes and then from there, once all of existence walked our forgiveness and change process – from about 2008-09 up into 2013, we EXPANDED into being able to assist and support everything and everyone else as we did since the opening of EQAFE.

We very much matured and evolved throughout the years. Been incredible to see our journey throughout the years up to now as I am sure it is for each one observing yourself THEN and NOW :)

TRANSITION and CREATION – the rebirth from the OLD to the NEW.
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Re: Defining Desteni and Process Location - Then and Now

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Thanks for putting this together, Leila. Bookmarked.
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Re: Defining Desteni and Process Location - Then and Now

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Captain hindsight has read it as well. Thanks a lot in retrospect!
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