the ultimate desteni archive created..

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Re: the ultimate desteni archive created..

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also i think my search is unrelated to desteni but desteni did help me see what authority i was looking to and holding that caused me problem in my early life, basically when conspiracy stuff felt more like tangible reality.
i guess people can still get lost within that same stuff i did but it happens maybe differently now.
i felt things like a viscous spite recently that made me wonder what i've let myself become or whatever within ignoring reality, i'd like to apologize for any trouble i dont trust anyone anymore in the sense that i know how easy it is for fake realities to happen everywhere all the time.
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Re: the ultimate desteni archive created..

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Desteni is a platform of self support to use the tools you are aware of and take self responsibility for your mind and life. Therefore, Desteni may not be what you need as support since it is very self directive and you have to do your own work to get anywhere with it.

The phase of Desteni as an overall explanation to where, what,.who and why we are here is the initial one, but not meant to stay there all the time

So, any trouble caused is not to us, but to yourself.

I'd suggest getting professional support for whatever it is you are experiencing.
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