Drug Abuse

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Drug Abuse

Postby matheus » 27 Nov 2011, 12:16

How can we really stop i mean REALLY STOP ourselves of consuming and abusing a drug?
too much has been said and its not easy at all, why is that when we think we have touch bottom, we realize that bottom is far deeper? and than it gets worst??
im fucking confuse, totally fucking confused with myself, cuz i understand the disgrace the drug system creates so why da fuck cant i stop using or supporting?

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Re: Drug Abuse

Postby matheus » 24 Dec 2013, 08:31

What a joke reread my own post over 2 years a go!! TWO FUCKING YEARS PROBALY MORE AND STILL SAAAAAAME BULLSHIT!!
Oh Bernard you just couldn't be righter!! Thanks for trying brother!!

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Re: Drug Abuse

Postby sylvia » 24 Dec 2013, 09:18

So you're still in the process of stopping the use of drugs Matheus? Did you see our topic about porn/sex/masturbation addiction support, it might be of any assistance for you although you are dealing with drug addiction as I understood.

Here are 2 interviews available on Eqafe that are discussing drug addiction:

a drug addict as mind prophet
a steroid fanatic

If you cannot afford these interviews there are also a lot of free downloads on Eqafe.

Also a cool read is Bruce Lee's perspective on addiction, he start's the article with quoting Terrence McKenna: "Addiction – Terrence McKenna described this word quite interestingly: Adding another dick = addiction – to fuck yourself with – lol. "

Let us know Matheus if you want any support and assistance with writing yourself out, Self-Forgiveness and correcting yourself in relation to your addictions or any other subject.

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Re: Drug Abuse

Postby Anna » 24 Dec 2013, 11:45

Hi Matheus.

In the Desteni I Process Google hangouts, we're shortly going to start a series about addictions, so definitely suggest to tune into those. You're also welcome to ask questions. You can find the videos here: http://youtube.com/desteniiprocess

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Re: Drug Abuse

Postby Marlen » 05 Mar 2015, 19:17

Some of you might remember me. I used to be quite an active member a few years ago. I was just wondering if there was anyone I could PM about OTC drug abuse? I feel a bit alone in this.
Hi Gelka, no I don't recall you, did you have a different username?

Well, I can suggest checking out Sandy's blog on Alcoholic's Journey To Life - she's not available at the moment to reply to you, however you can leave a comment for here there or here as well. If you're not yet comfortable in sharing this in an open forum, you can also consider walking the DIP Lite course wherein you'll also be supported by a buddy individually, and so you can also begin writing more on your experience there. You can also run a search for the same or similar topic here on the forum and website, as addictions in general have been a very common subject to discuss on here Addiction Support

Welcome back to the forum and cool that you're reaching out to support yourself. If you'd like to share more about yourself, you can open up an introductory thread here: http://forum.desteni.org/viewforum.php?f=1

For DIP Lite course: http://lite.desteniiprocess.com/ - it's absolutely free.

Enjoy and looking forward to read more of you

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Luc St-Amand
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Re: Drug Abuse

Postby Luc St-Amand » 06 Mar 2015, 14:43

Hey man, I found these words to be very supportive when making my stand against drug abuse.

"personal dicision"

It comes down to you man, making the stand initialy feels almost sacrificial, but as we know it is necassary.

Also bernard was just another man walking his own process, although very supportive, you can not allow the words of another being impact to you to such an extent to lose yourself wothin it. Just be patient, take deep breathes, slowly you will be able to make your stand, i kmow you can.

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Re: Drug Abuse

Postby Carrie » 06 Mar 2015, 23:42

Hey Matheus.

For me, the decision to stop taking drugs was seeing the physical consequence - how the drugs were harming my body and the potential problems I could be living with as I age. If you haven't already, I suggest researching the drugs that you are using and looking at both the short and long-term effects. Also, if you have any ideas and beliefs coming up about your drug use like 'it's better to burn out than fade away' or 'I'm not going to live very long anyway' or 'You only live once' - stuff like that, realize they are only justifications that we use to hold ourselves back and to keep ourselves from pushing ourselves to make changes that would be best for us. Another important thing to be looking at is - if you are aware if the short and long-term effects of the drugs you're using - why do you not value yourself, your body, your life and your potential?

When I was giving up drugs I also had to make changes with my environment and the people that I hung out with as the environment that I was in and the people I was spending most of my time with supported drug use. So, that's another thing to consider -- changing what you're doing and who you're doing it with when and as you make the decision to do this for yourself. It doesn't have to be permanent - simply a moment of self-support to assist you with getting yourself stable and on-track.


Re: Drug Abuse

Postby Ellie » 03 Jul 2015, 14:26


I wanted to find out how to approach someone about their drug addiction. My friend has an addiction to weed. I know that it is not healthy for him and I feel if I say anything to him about that he may take this personally. Is there a way to tell someone that it is not healthy to have that addiction?

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Re: Drug Abuse

Postby Maite » 04 Jul 2015, 11:29

Hey Ellie,

There's not really a 'script' you can follow that 'works best' - it very much depends on the individual situation, the extent of your friendship, who your friend is, etc. There are a few general points you can take into consideration: Often a person with an addiction will only be open for support when they are looking for it, when they are starting to already see the consequences of their particular addiction in their life. Another point is that 'knowledge and information' often fall on deaf ears - showing statistics or quoting studies for instance are not often taken very seriously if they don't see/experience consequences in their own life.

So - it depends on 'where your friend is at' - if they are starting to create consequences in their life, you can show them like 'hey, have you noticed that since you started smoking more weed, you're doing this more or neglecting that, or...'.

You can't prevent a person from taking things personally, that is their responsibility. What you can do is place yourself in their shoes as best as you can and see: how would I want to be supported?

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