2 Sunday May 20th

Q&A Sessions with Leadership Forum Members
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2 Sunday May 20th

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The Questions were asked by Leadership Forum members in a Chat with Anu. See

Forum Guidelines for the requirements to be invited to the Leadership Forum.

Question: So if memory of pasts lives is useless, does this then indicate that we re-decided to walk towards Equality and Oneness in this physical life?
Anu: No. What I meant with memories being useless in past lives, is because even still in this life you're exactly the same in your who, what, how and why you were in your past lives. Nothing's changed, as evidenced in this world/reality. Therefore, past life memories not needed, you only need investigate your Mind in this life it's always been exactly the same.

Question: I always assumed that this life is the accumulation of ourselves as what we have walked before. Or that we continued walking were we left of in the previous life.
Anu: Throughout our lives has been an accumulation from the beginning of our beingness, in reading Heavens blog, you'll see how we have not changed since the very beginning of our existence, we've just evolved how we fuck ourselves and existence up. Thus, in reading the heaven blog you'll see how, past life memories will not help you - only you can help yourself, because you've always been the same and done the same.

Question: Thats why I value the memory of a past life to be beneficial to ones process, is this the believe because of the reinsertion of the soul-construct eventually becoming part of substance as explained in your video'ss anu?
Anu: Yes, the value of the memory is simply because you think memories of the past is going to help/change/guide you, when you have all the memories right here in your mind as your life-book of this life, where all the information is existent/manifest of who, how and what you are and always have been.

Question: Context: Most who are now with Desteni, Came out of themselves. Because we made a decision, prior to desteni to solve the problems that we are facing. I am not able yet to contextualize the situation as in: was it this physical life only that was 'enough' to see, or did we walk a process as ourselves as the substance integration of the mindconsciousness system as explained in the video?
Anu: Yes and No. Based on your experience of your life, and what we've been saying, you accessed commonsense practical reality deduction: that's it. We've always had commonsense about existence, but a being will only deliberately not see it, to protect/defend a possession and desire of Mind, Energy, Money. That's why, beings will essentially only have an opportunity to see/hear what we're saying once all mind, physical possessions has been lost or taken away. So, there's nothing 'big/special' about hearing/seeing what we're saying, only that you could see through your possessions of mind and money and into the commonsense practicality of the physical.

Question: I went to a psychic before coming to Desteni, and she said I have been busy with 'traveling in the soul of man' before this life, also with the purpose as decision to sort this out. I had a physical body from which I could disconnect through a meditation technique and taught this to other people, 6 of them. They all made the same decision as me, and worked tot hat goal also through my taught meditation (which I taught myself). Eventually, because I was too long out of the body, my physical died, and I panicked. But eventually beings captured me, and placed me into this conception of my mother. So that I would find my way home and not ran away again due to the panic of the previous experience I supposedly had in this physical existence. The meditation technique
was then because of what happened seen as to dangerous and was prohibited by existence. I did not pay attention anymore to this story as I assumed this was to trap me within a life-path, yet I still here with Desteni. Can you share your perspective on this?
Anu: Yes, they'd manifest all sorts of stories about being great/special on a personal-level, but no-one's past life information shared through psychics/channels etc. in any way contribute to how to practically sort out this existence for all in and as equality and oneness. It only glorify the Ego or Individual. And your decision with being with walking with Desteni was YOUR decision within yourself. See, people want to be special, and with Desteni this pursuit of specialness in self interest does not exist, but equality and oneness with self and with all. Another reason why people will deliberately no consider walking with: they don't want to be equal and one, but special.

Question: Since humans feel the need to believe that everything is finite - has a beginning and an end - what was the beginning of existence?
Anu: This is walked in the Heavens Blogs, our beginnings in detail. The belief in finiteness is actually at the same time also the fear thereof, because only energy has an beginning and an end. Energy had a beginning, which is walked in the heavens blogs, and it has an end. Anu and Enlil walked this as well in his interviews of the consuming of substance into energy as energy's beginning and end. So, the question is not what was the beginning of existence, rather where was the beginning of existence. The where was HERE. To understand HERE, you have to first understand what we are NOW as the past, present and future. So, the Here of existence will be walked in the blogs and interviews of Anu, where everything of the past, present and future will come together here.

Question: I'd like to ask You if it is possible to utilize hypnosis as a method to make people change?
Anu: This is what I did - hypnotize beings into change through the Mind. BUT, what still came through, even despite the Mind and controls I placed, was the beings natures. Thus, no hypnosis is not a solution, because you're implying that you can't change yourself and need an external system which is just eventually going to lead you back to the same point: you have to change you, point by point and breath by breath in fact as living proof of change, otherwise there is no responsibility taken in the change, and thus no self-trust. You can't birth yourself as life from the physical through hypnosis.

Question: I read on a chat - 3 days ago aprox. that writing in other language can create a personality - so this is in my head since then - and I have been writing in spanish - can anyone explain a little bit more :P
Anu: you decide whether you create a personality or not

Question: Hi Anu want to ask about a sore troath- point manly on the left side, front - it appered prominently since walking the seven jears self-forgiveness is there any suggestions or specific point connected to it? thanks
Anu: looking at suppression of emotions and feelings, in the self forgiveness not yet being self-honest or going deep enough into how you actuall experienced yourself in your reactions of emotions/feelings

Question: Why is power and position seen to be more than it really is?
Anu: because energy made power and position seem to be more than it is

Question: Are we all Atlanteans on Earth now? Does it matter what race we were back then or is it irrelevant? Can it be utilized?
Anu: no - not significant or relevant at all, whatever beingness we were in the past, already consumed into just now existing as the Mind

Question: A question that came up today when speaking to someone: What happened or would happen when a child was born and was then adopted from the perspective of the system that would not be where it was 'genetically' supposed to be?
Anu: such children will still walk their mind from their birth parents and also the mind they create from the system - no different to most children with parents

Question: anu- random question, i have a split in the edge of my nose that hurts very much and between my baby toe and the one next to that on left fott any perspective on what this indicate, they both are sore to the touch?
Anu: genetical / inherent physical-designs - where you split yourself as a child within yourself due to trauma / emotional/feeling trauma - so, you move between the mind and physical reality really fast; thus, got to be more diligent in not shifting between the mind and the physical and use the mind as a protection from the physical or hide in the mind from facing the physical

Question: Anu is the current particular patterns / natures of different countries / cultures based on like, similar beingness of groups of beings inherent as themselves even before countries existence?
Anu: yes, we placed civilizations with particular race groups - and only later started mixing them, so at the moment - countries and races/civilizations are intermixed races from the past - no lineage was protected, only the Elite's to keep the bloodlines pure

Question: So -Nothingness: what is nothingness? No individual awareness whatsoever? no substance? - Although Enlil left the last interview with a cliffhanger: is substance life?
Anu: nothingness is when you are here and you are the standing of here; breath is a manifestation of nothingness - it breathes, that its purpose/point in relationship to the entire physical it stands within itself as itself, no-thing driving/motivating it but itself and its position in relationship to the enture physical body, thus to stand in and as nothingness is to find your location in the relationship to existence as a whole in equality and oneness, where nothing move you but your responsibility to your point and thus to existence as a whole

Question: how to human as spite, selfish, greed, power, control will ever self realize even with all the past mistakes (memories), ie. WW1,WW2. How do we make them see their acceptance of inequality is the cause of the consequences?
Anu: you can't make humans see - they will make themselves see in their own manifested consequence as the mind and reality - either here or in the hereafter

Question: Anu sometimes when I listen to your interviews I start to feel this pain below my liver, investigating this I think it may relate to asking questions and trying to understand things through my mind but this pain feels like a clamp on the narrowness of my awareness, have you a perspective on this?
Anu: lol, the pain in your liver - I in my sound or presentation am bringing up memories from your father - thus, consider what you experience in relationship to me in the interviews, and how that relate to your relationship with your father - there exist some suppressed anxiety/fear and anger/disappointment

Question: Anu - at what point in your process did you become stable/certain within yourself (assuming it was a 7 year process not sure) ex. was it at the beginning, the middle or the end or was it a gradual transition?
Anu: stability is a gradual process - and I am still walking this - every moment you breathe will test you multi-dimensionally, and must always stand in every moment of breath with all that you are until all is equal and one with and as you

QUESTION: Anu are we going to live longer when we become Life --- is death at the moment a way to stop the mind from keep destroying this physical?
Anu: about living longer, we'll have to see when we get there - and death only exist because energy is consuming physicality in the relationship between the mind and the physical

Question: Anu - do you have any suggestions/perspectives as to when one is in the process of deconstructing a personality to then re-design a new personality, to stand effectively in the system?
Anu: walk the desteniiprocess - this is where you're walking through personalities, how to deconstruct them and reconstruct you as the living word

Question: are memories only as relevant as we make them to be, so it's not relevant to deliberately delve into memories, unless it is used as a tool to uncover the values we have separated from ourselves?
Anu: memories in this Life is relevant, as memories are your book of this life and so in memories you can see much of your behaviour/personality to de-programme, listen to the recent soul of money interview - explains how the mind is your mirror and memories are a perfect mirror in which to see yourself

Question: Anu : In your interview - Part 39 - caused me to ask why did we start participating in energy in the first place?
Anu: the question about energy - read Heaven's journey to life blog, the origin of energy as ourselves is walked in detail there

Question: Anu - last year I had this sudden pain in my tailbone that lasted for a week or so. Now it reoccurred and I haven't figured out what it is related to, apart from the physical reason. Could you give me a hint?
Anu:the tailbone - this is when you face a point of mental and physical change, big mental and physical change - thus, prepare yourself through remembering breath and that you can only direct effectively what is here in every moment of breath

Question: why do the elite bloodlines need to remain pure?
Anu: had to keep the bloodlines pure to keep the mind consciousness system pure - if races of beings intermixed in human beings through sex and procreation - this inerfered with the purity of the systems in the mind; thus, keeping bloodlines pure kept the mind pure kept the pre-programming pure

Question: anu, did you favorite for some races more than other, by placing them in this reality
Anu: no, I did not favour some races over others, it was more a matter of which races I could easily capture/contain - the rest I had to manipulate to serve me

Question: anu- long ago in old videos you said the animal kingdom was a mistake or something like you didn't intend for them to be manifested, what did you mean by this?
Anu: the animal-kingdom mistake - lol; more like it happened by chance - Marduk will walk this in interviews to come

Question: Anu why do I need to wear glasses? lol i don't see the point lol
Anu: glasses, unfortunate physical deterioration of genetic make-up over time

Question: Anu: what about the Anu that spiritual people talk about which is a copy of you made in the mind.... does it affect you when they speak about you and say your name and pray to you etc. ?
Anu: no, lol - whatever people do in their minds only affect them/their physical and their world, that's it

Question: My older son John has very bad diariah, any suggestions, he has had this for about three weeks?
Anu: suggest taking your son to the doctor to help the physical, and this can be caused by fear/anxiety built up within the mind and physical - trying to run away from reality/a point of fear/anxiety

Question: how will the beings from the interdimensional beings will be of any useful to change this reality once they've come to the physical? Even if you've realized from the interdimensional and come here & get brainwashed in the physical?
Anu: - how we will assist/support in the process of the physical, we'll be walking soon in the heavens blogs

Question: Anu, can you give some perspective on what it is I am missing in relation to sexuality or why I am missing it/myself as it?
Anu: you keep asking whether you're missing something, you're not - the question I'd ask myself if I were you is - what am I looking for, cause you're not walking here in every moment, with breath - always expecting/aniticpating something as an idea you created in your mind...then think/believe you're missing something, when that something that is missing is simply just walking as breath

Question: memories is useless b/c we've not realized the mistakes we've made & disregarded the physical. So my point is how & when are we going to get it?
Anu: = how and when are we going to get it - that's your decision

Question: Anu - I have some sores around my anus, similar to ulcers in the moulth that are itchy, can you tell me what mind-construct I have accessed because I can't see it
Anu: sores in the Anus, not releasing/letting go of the past completely, there's still lots of backchat in your mind in relation to the past - especially regarding comparison, comparing your life to others - jealousy emerging, trying to win/be better competition - can't look at your life in context of others Kim, each is indiivdual, let go of competition and comparision of lives, and walk your own it belongs to you and you alone

Question: Anu, there is a red cat coming into our garden, and he/she is always fighting with my cat. The first time I saw him, the cat licked my finger and my cat was laying on the floor like, daring him. Now this red cat also comes into our house, last time he lay down on the floor, and I wanted to grab him in his neck:which supposedly doenst hurt a cat. But he protested and I didn't know what to do with him. I would like him to be able to just be with us, but my concern is whether I do not make a improper decision based on my cat. My mother is clueless to, as the cat keeps coming back and also steals the food of our cat. What is best?
Anu: animals, solve it practically, find the owner / assist/support it out of the environment so that it doesn't harm itself or your cat

Question: same for the Jews Anu, I read they always reincarnated in a closed group, meaning the Jews have always been the Jews since the beginning of existence, no swapping or playing into other groups ?
Anu: they have swapped throughout time, only the Elite in the World-System families have relatively pure bloodlines at this stage - and they don't hold any particular religion at all

Question: Anu - with regards to sweeteners - stevia is prefered by people in the health field - do you suggest to use that or a
combination of dried fruit and stevia or stevia and agave? Any perspective?
Anu: I would not use sweeteners

Question: Anu is there any way to correct this through SF, or only with an eye surgery?
Anu: we're not yet walking the physical fabric process, only still the mind - thus, support the eyes with what you have available while also still walking your process out of the mind, we'll eventually get into the physical fabric process - but only much later

Question: have had neck pains that have improved since we started the Journey to life, have applied the sggestions of Bernard and Sunette and I stand more stable but my neck has not yet released yet, any perspective on this ?
Anu: neck pain, still wanting to fight in the starting point of 'i am right' - thus, look at backchat where you talk yourself into righteousness

Question: So in the Heavens blogs it is not just Sunette writing Anu...??
Anu: heaven is writing heaven's blog - that is all of us together

Question: will the elite bloodlines mingle with us now, and realise equality as non-elites, or not?
Anu: whether the bloodlines mix or not will not determine self realisation, only self will with walking process

Question: the interdimensional is a disconnection within the physical, you can have realized everything, but once here in the physical everything can be brainwashed to alter and change your acceptance into a selfish reality. I show people of the message of 'equality' love thy neighbor as thyself'. There are some which will not accept this simple message, and said that they will believe in the Nordic god 'Odonism' - what's mind is mind and what's your is your. & what's your is also mine. this is how people have been brainwashed in separation as you can see the patterns of our existence
Anu: kyou're not being brainwashed, your walking into your creation of the past that you created, to change the creation - you first have to become it and then birth from it and change it as you

Question: Anu: "gregwiater, yes, many made religions of us - we had to, to protect beings for themselves and each other"; I don't understand this, how is this protecting?
Anu: the protection of religions and why was walked in the recent Atlantean interview done

Question: Anu What is the pain in the legs that my 4 year old niece is having? People say it is growth pain. Is it so? How can we support her when she has the pain? She became quite aggressive (but she was also very tired)
Anu: yes, growing is painful; but primarily also desires she feels hadn't been fulfilled when her parents didn't give her what she wanted, can't do anything for her Joana - she has to walk her process

Question: Anu what is the 'best' advice you can give us all to move faster, like what are we all lagging in to sum a point up please?
Anu:I would suggst not move faster - but slower

Question: Anu - I have had lower back pain the whole day, something I haven't had since I got to the farm - is it again in relation to non movement that has accumulated to subconscious guilt or is it another point?
Anu: backpain, not being self-honest about relationship to parents - suppressing reactions and backchat

Question: Could you tell me what is going on with my skin? - the continuous emergencee of pustules filled with clear fluid, often around the mouth, when I don't leave them alone and pick at them they get really big, and it's very tough to let them be
Anu: the skin - has to do with wanting to speak, but not speaking and then suppressing because of fear

question: Anu I am now seeing that the three men with whom i had long term relationships had not a clear direction about the professional career and not easily making money for themselves. Is there a pattern in the relationships that i get in with men for a purpose?? What is their programme showing me!?
Anu: men, you want to save them / STOP SAVING OTHERS - focus on yourself

Question: I have a question: is Bernard's story in relation to the entire existential process ever going to be shared in Eqafe interviews?
Anu: yes, will share the process of existence when the moment arrive

Question: What is it about the modern perception/ form of beauty which makes it more effective/ more hypnotic than the forms of beauty that have existed in the past?
Anu: the evolution of beauty is the evolution of pictures and energy - that's it, there exist no real beauty in existence, none at all

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Thanks Kim!

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cool guys, thanks for posting and Anu for sharing!

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Very interesting. Thanks for sharing again.
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Wow, thanks for posting this Kim. So many amazing questions and answers, thank you Anu!

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wow!! ive been away from this forum too long. such great support here. i commit myself to continue with myself and use all of what is here as support. thanks guys.
Question: Anu what is the 'best' advice you can give us all to move faster, like what are we all lagging in to sum a point up please?
Anu: garb - I would suggst not move faster - but slower

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Cool Tree - welcome back!

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These post are very helpful thanks

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yes Avery, I agree. thanks

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