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Brahim Nas
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Global Information Network

Postby Brahim Nas » 26 Aug 2011, 05:03

Hello All,

I would like to know if anyone has anything to say about the Global Information Network. To my understanding this organization only presents the Law of Attraction in a mysterious fashion. The organization claims to make available "secrets" never before released by various "secret societies". The "secrets" sound to me to be the very knowledge of how to take money from the masses so one can selfishly become rich. This I understand about the Law of Attraction.

The following is an email from Rene' Gerard on Facebook. Does anyone know why she claims that Bernard "suggested" that we join the Global Information Network? I think that is an outright lie, BUT even if Bernard did change his approach to the Unequal Money System and tell us we should participate within the Law of Attraction (Atrocities), doesn't mean that I am going to just do it religiously.

Rene Gerard
Hi Brahim

Are you aware of Global Information Network?

Bernard suggested that those who are able to join to do so.
This site will take DIP to a whole new level. As well as support those who are in process. The more of us that join the better for Desteni to get our message out. If you are not already member, have a look @ their channel:

I have joined and the site is awesome. If you have not already joined and would like to do so contact me, you
will need a code to sign up.
Also be aware that if you sign up before July 31st you can join for 1/2 price.

Let me know if you have any questions.


The Official Site of The Global Information Network
The Official Site of The GLobal Information Network

July 24Andre Destonian
Hi Rene'. Thanks for this info. I have checked out the site and it appears that most benefits of membership are based on learning the 'Law of Attraction'. Please tell me, what is the purpose of becoming a member of that organization if learning the 'Law of Attraction' is the main benefit? Do you see membership with that organization as adding to the quality of life for All? I'm not making any assumptions, I just would like to understand how the GIN can help us.

July 24Rene Gerard
I understand Brahim, I had the same reaction. However the law of attraction if used from the starting point of doing what is best for all can be of support in our mission in creating a world that which is best for all!
We must use money to recreate what we have cre-Hated in order to do what we have done.
It's like the use of a homo pathic remedy a homo pathic remedy uses like for like to heal an illness
Better put: We must use money to recreate what we have cre-Hated in order to CORRECT what we have done.
Bernard's suggestion for joining GIN is within starting point of doing what is best for. My understanding is we are to use the money that we create @ GIN to do what is best for all.
Without money we are not able to make an impact on changing the world. We are to use GIN to recruit members to join DIP as well as Desteni as a group. Do you understand?
Joining GIN we take DIP to a whole new level

July 24Andre Destonian
I understand

July 24Rene Gerard
Kool Brahim, as well as supporting one self to create enough money to be able to support self to walk Desteni full time instead of working @ a job that distracts.

July 24Andre Destonian
Yea, I am currently not working...
So what is the overall view of being involved in the GIN? Have you gotten involved with anyone in there yet?

July 24Rene Gerard
Kool If you decide to join I would like to be your sponsor if you aggree. The over all view is: GIN is exposing the truth of how the elite have inslaved us with money it show you teaches you how to create money. As well as be successful in ALL facits of life. WE as destoians must remember to have the starting point of doing what is best for all. In order to not get lost within money that which you will be making a lot of.

July 24Rene Gerard
Adventuraly we will have to give the money to support all life.

July 24Andre Destonian
That last statement I remember Bernard speaking before
That is just what I was thinking in relation to the GIN

July 24Rene Gerard
The secrets that which GIN shares have never been before in the history of man. And gin is within alignment of DEsteni

July 24Andre Destonian
I see. I will have to read over their website some more.

July 24Rene Gerard
Ok know that you are able to join as an alliliate member without charge or obliligation and yoou may cancel at anytime. The knowledge & information that is shared for free will support self in DIP greatly.
Even if you do not become a member
By becoming an affiliate you will understand how GIN works.
It is mush like how DIP works, However @ GIN we have access to way more leads to recruit.

July 24Andre Destonian
Cool. I will check it out and let you know what I decide after I read more of the website. From what you have explained it seems like it could help in our mission. Thanks for the info Rene'.

July 24Rene Gerard
GIN is by invite only. You will need a code. I you decide to join and would like for me to be your sponsor. The code is:03D5BA79CEBE.
Thank you Brahim for contacting me and for-giving an opportunity to chat with you!

July 24Andre Destonian
Thank you also Rene' I will let you know if I decide to join, in which case I will use the affiliate code you gave me.

July 24Rene Gerard

July 24Andre Destonian
You as well

July 24Rene Gerard
as said here in Hawaii SHOOTS!! LOL

July 24Andre Destonian

TuesdayRene Gerard
Aloha Andre, Have you explored any more of G.I.N.? Be aware that you are able to join G.I.N. as an Afillilate for free. As an Afilliliate you will receive training that which is very supportive for yourself as well as DIP and the Equal Money system. Keep me posted on your progress.
Be well!


TuesdayAndre Destonian
Hi Rene'. No I am not interested in the GIN. I will not participate in the destructive polarity of the LOA. I hope you are not involved in that because if so, you are only adding to the imbalancement of our world and causing more of a polarity swing...

TuesdayRene Gerard
Hi Andre, Bernard suggested that we paticapate within GIN. My experience has not been of polarity at all. What I have seen of GIN thus far has been within alignment with Desteni..............

TuesdayAndre Destonian
I'm not sure how the Law of Attraction can be in alignment with the balancement that Desteni seeks. I'm also not aware of Bernard saying any such thing. Also, just because Bernard says to do something doesn't mean that we have to do it without awareness and responsibility.

TuesdayRene Gerard
I agree with you about what you shared about Bernard's suggestion to join GIN, meaning: we must take responsibility within and as awareness each one making decisions as life. As to the Law of Attraction: My perspective is when the Law of attraction is used from the starting point of and as what is best for all there is no longer polarity as it is NOT done in separation. Therefore, when using the law of attraction for what is best for all creates consequential out flows supporting All Life ........No separation that which causes polarity.
Bernard suggested for those who are able to join GIN to do and that it is within alignment with Desteni.

Because I have investigated this and have joined GIN myself, I see that this is so. You would need to join GIN to see this for yourself!
As long as our starting point is of and as what is best for all there is no concern for miss-use of what is shared by GIN. In order for us to have an impact in this world we need to embrace all that which is and the use of money is included within this. If there is no money there is very little impact to change the exiting system into what is best for all. Therefore, the use of money is needed to change the existing money system into supporting all life.
Money in and of it's self is not the problem. It is a beings starting point in self interest. Those that are Destonians that have joined GIN realize this. Therefore those who have joined GIN that are Destonian's have our starting point based doing what is best for all, using money to create heaven on earth for ALL LIFE Equal as One. Knowing the money made will be given to/for all life to live within dignity.


TuesdayRene Gerard ... _Intuition

Desteni's Site - Common Sense as Pre-Programmed Intuition

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Process User 9
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Re: Global Information Network

Postby Process User 9 » 26 Aug 2011, 21:13

Hi Brahim,

It seems there was a misunderstanding.

There are a few of us who are participating in GIN to take
advantage of the networking opportunities.

Desteni does not support the GIN message or philosophy.
Speaking as myself and my understanding of what Desteni stand
for as well as myself within participating in Desteni, Desteni
does not support the law of attraction, as it is not a real, practical
solution that is Best for All.

The suggestion was that if anyone in Desteni is interested in
joining GIN that they join under Avery who introduced the point
in the first place.

If you see the opportunity to network and that is something that will
benefit you, then cool. Otherwise I suggest that you do not GIN, as
their message is mostly one of 'positive thinking' and the 'Law of Attraction,'
and there is no benefit other than the networking opportunities.

It is recommended for those involved in business, law, or sales to expand your
personal network and for no other reason.

There are other ways to expand your network that do not involve GIN as
well, this is not the only, just one.

DIP will be marketed through each of us sharing ourselves through blogs and vlogs
and through people asking how we are changing ourselves.

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Brahim Nas
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Re: Global Information Network

Postby Brahim Nas » 01 Sep 2011, 23:19

Apologies for the late reply. Thank you for the clarification, because I was skeptical as to what was going on. I have no need for business networking as of now so I not involve myself with GIN.

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