Desteni Production Videos Torrents?

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Desteni Production Videos Torrents?

Postby Mat-e » 13 Jul 2018, 07:16

I currently have 3 "Desteni Production Videos" torrents active,
but I cannot seam to find any seeds / seeders.

I cannot download those torrents,
until someone with the complete torrent shares it on the internet.

I was hoping that someone here in the forums would have the complete set,
and that person could share those files with us.

These 3 torrents, that I have, are identical. They all contain the same files and folders.
The folder structure looks like this:

Abuldiz Of The Universe
Adolf Hitler_ Mikey
Andrea Interview
Anu - Reptilian Benevolence
DIY Applications
History of desteni
History Of Universe 1-9
Honesty For Cheaters
Human Mind creates The World
Introduction to Desteni
Jesus Interviews
Lilly Interviews
Many Beyond the grave Interviews
Money Revolution
Nature Videos
Nostradamus Interviews
Sexuality And Masturbation
Shi Interviews
The Design of -
The Exposed history of Man 1-127
The Human BODY
The Solution as -
Uncategorized Videos
Veno Inyerviews
- Veno and The Matrix
Videos That Relate
Winged Interview

The torrents' hash tags are as follows:

Any questions? Just ask here in the forum.

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Re: Desteni Production Videos Torrents?

Postby Mat-e » 18 Jul 2018, 03:55

[Continued from above]

Maybe if someone has the files?

They would not have to be torrent experts
they could just share them over

Then I could download them from there and merge the files with the torrents.

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Re: Desteni Production Videos Torrents?

Postby Leila » 19 Jul 2018, 00:10

Hey Mat-e,

Some of the material was published on the Internet Archive: ... uctions%22

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