Altnerative Energy Sources? Our reliance on Oil/Gas

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Altnerative Energy Sources? Our reliance on Oil/Gas

Post by YoganBarrientos »

I saw this guy on ted talk. He showed me how there is a great limitation to alternative energy sources. Its still possible to use them, but it will take a lot more effort and much smarter approach to things.

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Re: Altnerative Energy Sources? Our reliance on Oil/Gas

Post by Godfrey »

I'm still not sold on nuclear, Uranium-238, the most prevalent isotope in uranium ore, has a half-life of about 4.5 billion years.
So basically that rubix cube of uranium ore would take 10s of billions of years to dissipate to a non-reactive state.

The potential of radioactive pollution - is hard to fathom - the scale of calamity.

Potential/store energy <---- often chemical (suchas gas)-- is a very convenient energy source as its staple can be converted when needed, whereas kentic energy suchas wind and solar don't store well.

I use powertools daily for work, and if I have to use a 100 ft extension cord, often the amperage drop is to steep to power my tools efficiently.
You can only imagine the amperage drop on solar farms in the dessert 100s of miles away. Hence why the farms must be so large to be effective.

no solution offered here, its a technical problem with storing/converting wind and solar.

A few advancements in cable insulation to cut done on entropy, or microwave transmissions could real boost the power of solar.
Or just put the solar farms in space and beam the energy back via microwaves.

Put wind turbines on giant (hydrogen) blimps in the stratosphere - where there is perpetual wind - via the prevailing winds.
and no birds! or tortoises!

Granted maybe if we didn't have psychic vampires corrupting the system; I be more incline to nuclear energy. I just see time and time again the disregard for human life, by the people who set policies and engineer society. Maybe cold fusion is on the horizon and we can use iron as a nuclear fuel , instead of radioactive isotopes.

I love this topic, and have put lot of thought into this and I'm positive that there will be an equilibrium achieved.

What must happen will happen.

my religion is to do good and my country is the world

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